Here are 10 reasons you should invest in a qualified commercial electrician.

  1. Your building is more than 25 years old. A structure that old has wiring that is almost guaranteed to be outdated, possibly decaying, and not up to code. A certified electrician will inspect your wiring and let you know what has to be done to bring it up to code and ensure it is safe.
  2. Lights flicker and dim. Does this happen when you turn on a light, appliance or machine? This could be a sign that circuits are overloaded and new lines have to be installed to distribute the load.
  3. All warm and tingly. Do switches, outlets, lights and other devices feel warm to the touch? Or do you get a light tingly shock when you touch them? These could be symptomatic of serious problems that should be fixed by a pro.
  4. If you find yourself running regularly to your electrical panel to reset your breakers, it’s time to call a commercial electrician. Blackouts are often the result of faulty wiring—very dangerous, as these may produce heat in walls, possibly leading to fire.
  5. Sparking, smoke and acrid smells—these could be symptoms of a short circuit as the copper in the wire touches other metal surfaces. Again, very dangerous and requiring a pro to fix.
  6. Insufficient outlets. Does your building look like a spaghetti platter with power strips and extension cords everywhere? Time to get more outlets installed.
  7. Surge protectors. Is your wiring as modern as the hi-tech gizmos you have everywhere? Computers, cell phone chargers, sound systems, alarm systems, to name a few? Installing surge protectors will keep your devices from getting fried and your data lost in the event of an electrical surge.
  8. Working near water. Flooded basements, bathrooms, kitchens—these are all places where there is a strong likelihood of electricity and water mixing it up—a dangerous combination if ever there was one. Call an electrician.
  9. If you have just moved into a building, it is probably worth your while getting it inspected. The electrician you call in will also ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly, and your insurance company will give you a thumbs-up.
  10. Rust, cloth-covered wiring and exposed wiring are all signs your wiring needs updating.

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