Keep Your Power Flowing Strong with Electrical Panel Upgrades in Edmonton

How often do you pay attention to your electrical panel? Once every few months? Once a year?

Even though your breaker box might hide out of sight, you shouldn't let it drop from your mind. Your panel acts as the central nervous system of your home, and all of your electricity runs through it. If you don't properly maintain your panel, your home may experience power failures and other problems.

At Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd, we keep your power safe with electrical panel replacements and electrical service upgrades in Edmonton.

What Happens as Panels Age

As electrical panels age, they wear down and cause electrical problems around your home. In fact, if you live in an older home, many of the problems you experience with lighting or outlets could indicate a larger panel problem.

You can resolve some of the following larger panel issues with an electrical panel upgrade in Edmonton:

  • Wire corrosion
  • Light flickering
  • Outlets turning off
  • Burnt or bad connectors
  • Sparks and fire danger
  • Power outages
  • Not enough room for extra load

Benefits of Upgrading an Electrical Panel

When you update your breaker box, you do more than prevent bad things form happening. You experience several other corresponding benefits as well. They include:

  • Lower insurance rates due to less risk of fire hazard and other damage
  • Higher home value due to newer systems and less risk
  • More power supply for new areas of your home
  • Increased number of supported outlets and appliances

Installing a new electrical panel and, if necessary, the main service increases the safety of your home and will provide you with peace of mind. It also raises the resale value of your home and may lower your insurance costs. We can remove the old panel and service and have a new one installed within one day. There will be as little disruption as possible and we guarantee to have your power back on before we leave.

Call Experienced Technicians for Panel Replacement

If you think you need a new panel, let the electricians of Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd know. Upgrading your electrical service is a job for an Edmonton electrical company like Professional Electrical that has the experienced technicians and equipment to do the job right the first time.

We guarantee that the work will be done on time and all new electrical services come with a three year guarantee on material and workmanship.

Call 1-780-476-1413 to schedule our services.