The Importance of Regular Home Electrical Inspections


Electricity is pervasive in our live. It runs through our walls, powers our lights, charges our gadgets, and, essentially makes it possible to live the way we live. Being so pervasive, it is easy to take for granted that electricity can be dangerous. Electrical inspections for Edmonton homes, from an electrical contractor such as Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd, is an important but often overlooked home maintenance task.

The main reason for having regular inspections is to prevent electrical accidents. Electrical accidents are usually unpredictable and may happen without much, if any, prior warning. The electrical systems we use day in and day out are capable of small to life threatening injuries if something goes wrong.

When home wiring is damaged or exposed, it can result in electrocutions or fires. A proper electrical inspection can identify these issues and ensure that the right steps are taken to fix them. Electrical inspections can also identify problems such as outdated wiring, improper wiring, faulty alarm wiring, broken or missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, service panel issues, and missing junction boxes.

It is always going to be better, both for your bank account and for your family’s safety, to address these issues with repairs instead of having to fix them after they cause damage.

Electrical inspections in Edmonton are also a crucial component of maintaining your home’s value. If you put a lot of work into home upkeep and maintenance, then you don’t want bad wiring to put it all at risk. Furthermore, a home with a poor electrical system will not appeal to buyers, and may cause them to back out of a deal.

Additionally, getting you electrical system inspected is a simple way to potentially reduce your energy bill. An electrician can highlight areas which may be putting a greater drain on your system, and provide you with strategies for using less power and saving more money on your energy bill.

Edmonton home electrical inspections are highly beneficial for potential homebuyers. Having an electrical inspection done can reveal if there are any dangerous issues which you should be made aware of. Being aware of electrical problems can help prevent accidents in the future, and potentially even cause you to rethink the purchase.

Electrical inspections need to be performed by educated and experienced professionals who know what they should be looking for. The right technician will ensure that your home is in compliance with all electrical codes and standards.

The trusted electricians at Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd are happy to provide quality Edmonton electrical inspections, both to give homeowners peace of mind and to catch problems before they become health and safety hazards. We also offer a variety of other residential electrical services, which all come with a strong warranty.

Don’t forget about your home’s electrical system just because your lights may be working fine. It can be difficult to tell that something in the system is wrong until it’s too late to fix. Contact Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd to schedule your Edmonton home electrical inspection today.


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