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Annual Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections

Annual Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections

Annual Commercial Building Electrical Safety Inspections in and around Edmonton

Professional Electrical and Controls in Edmonton provides Annul commercial electrical safety inspections for commercial buildings and complexes in and around Edmonton.

Why annul inspection is required?

There are always updates in progress for the safety and comfortably of any building’s occupants. For commercial buildings and complexes, the inspection aids in staying current for occupant’s safety and in insurance procedures. In certain municipalities and provinces, it may be required by law.
As the annual inspection is carried out and record is maintained, it also helps in catching some wear and tear at an early stage and resolve it before it ever becomes a concern.
Overall, annual electrical inspection helps as a preventive measure and proves your due-diligence, should it be required in future.

Signs that an electrical inspection is urgent

Repeated light outs in particular segment of the building
Repeated electrical issues feedback and complaints by occupants
Excessive lights flickering
Appliance usage based breaker tripping
Back-up systems don’t power up
Emergency exit lights or systems don’t function or work intermittently
Automatic entrance and exit doors stop working for no apparent reason
You are aware that some part of the commercial building is not up-to electrical code

Tools we use

Electrical inspection for commercial buildings and complexes demands use of proper industry tools to find out any hidden hazards. Our trained commercial electrician is responsible to ensure that he uses industry standard tools to carry out these inspections.

Cost of inspection

There are multiple variables in determining the cost of annual electrical inspection of a commercial building. If we have done the inspection of the building before, we might be able to give you a ballpark figure. You can call our office with the building’s information and it will help us to give you an estimate.

How to schedule

You can call our office at 780-476-1413 and we will set up proper schedule for the annual electrical inspection of your commercial building at your convenience.