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What is the Lighting Control System? How Does the Lighting Control System Work? Explained in detail by Professional Electricals

What is the Lighting Control System? How Does the Lighting Control System Work?

Illuminating a home space or a commercial space can change the vibe of the place. Everyone wishes to install the fanciest lights in their home. However, you must be aware that people are getting conscious about the environment. Saving energy resources should be everyone’s prime goal in today’s world.

Perhaps a lighting control system could make it easier for ...

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Professional commercial electricians in Edmonton

What do commercial electricians do?

Electricity is an important resource in multiple commercial establishments. There are industries, factories, construction sites, and other establishments that require a professional to take care of all the electrical requirements.

Commercial electricians are specialised in providing services to commercial properties such as factories and other industrial complexes. The electrician you call to your home has a different set of ...

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Is charging an electric vehicle cheaper than gasoline explained by Professional Electricals

Is charging an EV cheaper than gas?

Electric vehicles have become super popular in recent times. With the emergence of Tesla, a self-driving Electric vehicle, the fanbase and acceptance of electric vehicles quickened. Now, given the various issues around traditional fuels for vehicles, including gasoline, electric vehicles are also gaining a lot of interest from consumers, manufacturers, as well as governments.

Now, every major vehicle brand ...

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What Is HVAC and How Does it Work?

What Is HVAC and How Does it Work?

With technology, you are now able to alter the room’s temperate. You can heat your room or cool it down instantly. Now, imagine doing that without purchasing two different machines, namely -an air conditioner and a heater. More comfort at less money, right?

Thanks to HVAC systems, you no longer have to buy multiple appliances to control room temperature. ...

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Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Placement in Edmonton by Professional Electrical and Control

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Placement in Edmonton

Having smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your Edmonton home is not a luxury but a necessity. Smoke and CO detectors are essential devices that every household in Canada should install to ensure safety during smoke and fire. If your workplace or home does not have smoke detectors installed, you are putting yourself and others at risk. So, ...

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Emergency Light Repair in Edmonton by Professional Electricals

Emergency Light Repair in Edmonton

Emergency lighting is an essential component for any business in contemporary times. It ensures a safe and smooth evacuation from a building during catastrophic events by providing illumination and enabling the people to see clearly, avoid obstacles, and move confidently to the nearest safe space amidst a crisis. The National Fire Code of Canada, 1995 mandates that all buildings ...

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Difference between switch and socket

What is the difference between switch and socket?

When you need to add light to your home or office, you might think about adding a light switch or a socket. Both of these devices can be used to control the power supply to an electrical lighting fixture, but they are very different and serve different purposes. Understanding the differences between a switch and a socket can help ...

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electrician appliance installation in Edmonton and surrounding cities Professional Electricals

Why should you consider hiring an electrician for appliance installation in Edmonton? What is preventive maintenance in electrical?

We all have bought new appliances for our home, whether for the kitchen or other rooms. We buy them because we need them, which is one of the inevitable things in our lives. So why do we need to hire a technician to install appliances? Are they difficult to install? When a person buys an appliance, he needs to ...

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6 perfect basement lighting ideas by professional electrician Edmonton

6 perfect basement lighting ideas by professional electrician in Edmonton

Lighting your basement can be a challenge as the basement is devoid of natural lights from any window or ventilators. However, this is also a plus point as we can customize the lighting.

There are many types of basements, and based on basements type, the lighting should be different. We have asked a professional electrician in Edmonton to provide ...

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High voltage Electrical Specialist in Edmonton

Why do you need an electrical specialist for high voltage works?

It’s easy to overlook the need to hire an electrician with particular expertise in the usage and management of high voltage electricity if you run a commercial or industrial firm.

High voltage Electrical Specialist in Edmonton

Working with high voltage energy requires a particular set of skills and knowledge.

What high voltage energy is, how to select a high ...

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Top Hacks for Saving Money on Electricity by Professional Electricals

Top Hacks for Saving Money on Electricity

People don’t really care about the running electrical appliances or lights they leave on when these are not in use until they get a surprising electricity bill. If you add the cost of electricity bills for the year, you will be surprised to know how much extra you are spending on utility bills.

Tips for Saving Money on Electricity


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Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd: Electric vehicle charging station contractor in Edmonton

Electric vehicle charging station contractor in Edmonton

Edmonton is one of the major cities in Canada and is expecting a growth in electric vehicle ownership. As a result, the city plans to install more electric vehicle charging stations. We help you with the plan, design, and install electric vehicle charging stations in your residential, industrial, public, or commercial properties.

We provide full service for electric vehicle ...
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