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Electric ​Vehicle Charger Installation

Electric Vehicle Charging station installlation and maintrnance fr hoe and business owners.

We provide full service for electric vehicle (EV) charger installation and maintenance for homes and businesses owners.

Professional electrical & controls Ltd install all types of EV chargers including Tesla, ChargePoint, Ford, FLO, Rivian, and more. We guarantee to follow all Edmonton building safety codes and quality assurance standards during EV charger installation works. We will help you select and install smart EV charging stations on your property in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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Types of EV Charging Stations

Level-1 Charging Station

A level-1 charging station is a basic charging station that provides power to electric vehicles using a standard 120-volt outlet. The level-1 charging station is preferable to install in the home because it is slow charging. Usually, the full charge of a car battery takes 10 – 12 hours.

Level-2 Charging Station

A level-2 charging station is a charging station that provides power to electric vehicles using a 240-volt outlet. Residential and commercial places are the ideal place to install level-2 charging stations. The typical charging time for a level-2 EV charger is around 3-8 hours to full battery. Level-2 is comparatively faster than the level-1 charging station.

Level-3 Charging Station

A level-3 charging station is a charging station that provides power to electric vehicles using a 480-volt or higher at varying amperages depending on the manufacturer outlet. Ideal places to install level-3 EV charging stations are commercial, public, and industrial places. Generally, electric vehicles will be 80% charged in 25-30 minutes at the level-3 charging station. Once the EV battery charges up to 80% of its capacity, the charging process slows down to safeguard battery health.

Install an EV charger with your solar panel system

An electric vehicle charging station with a solar panel is a great way to serve our mother earth. EV Charging station with solar panels didn’t produce any greenhouse gases. Call us at +1 780-476-1413 to get a free quote for a solar panel and EV charging station installation in your place.

Residential EV Chargers

Level-1 or level-2 Electric vehicle charging stations are the best suites for residential places. The level-1 EV charging station will be worthwhile you have one electric vehicle. You can fully charge your electric vehicle overnight with a level-1 charging station. So, a level-1 electric car station is ideal for the homeowner. The cost for residential EV charging stations varies from 1,000 to 3,000 CAD.

Things to know when buying a home EV Chargers

  1. Select weatherproof charger: When buying an EV charging station, ensure that the charging unit is durable. Ensure EV charger will last long in extreme weather conditions like rain, solar rays, and wintry weather after years of exposure.
  2. Think twice about location and size: Many EV Chargers are big and bulky to move or require permanent hardwiring by electricians.
  3. Many residential smart EV chargers provide wifi connection features. That allows you access to all functions of your charging device from your smartphone, personal computer, or tablet. You can start, stop and schedule the charging through the mobile APP.