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New electrical circuits or relocating circuits for machinery, welders, compressors

New electrical circuits or relocating circuits for machinery, welders, compressors

Large machinery electrical circuit management

Are you in need of relocating or installing new or troubleshooting the large machinery electrical power circuits?

We can help to move or install circuits for your welders, compressors, air units, lathes, saws and other such machinery.

Our commercial electrician will surely love to help you in this task. We are well versed that this task requires commercial training and is not an easy task. There are safety and functionality requirements that can vary from machine to machine and premises to premises. We will need to point-out and consider those requirements beforehand.

Examples of large electrical circuits and machines

Welding machines: Welding machines consume a lot of electrical power. The current rating is enormous. The circuits to be used for them are to specially calculated and arranged from the mains. At the time of welding, the solid arching and fire hazard is sort of live. So while moving the circuit doesn’t involve any welding activity, the surroundings are to be considered once the welding restarts in that area.

Lathe machines: Lathes machines can also consume a lot of power, specially on-load. It will be detrimental if we plugin any lathe, small or big into an outlet without checking the basic wiring rating inside the wall first. Even the outlet’s rating is to be checked and ensured that it is rated for the current or amps as we call.

Compressors: Compressors are also power eaters. They need a lot of electrical power to function. To give you fair idea, compressors alone consume 10-13% of power in modernized industries. In addition to electrical power, there are other utilities used in the compressor installation and function such as oil or water. Due to the large arrangements required, a compressor installation must be carefully thought upon and executed for at-least 25 years of future use.

There are other large machines such as printers, saws, laminators, cutting tools and even more. If you are in need of any electrical circuitry evaluation, replacement, relocation and installation, contact professional electrician at 780-476-1413