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Electrical Code Correction Edmonton

Electrical Code Corrections Commercial Buildings

Electrical code correction in commercial buildings in Edmonton and around

Professional Electrical in Edmonton offers complete electrical code correction services in commercial buildings.

Commercial code corrections are different than residential corrections and will require checks according to commercial electrical requirements.

Older building can easily have overlooked electrical issues. Whenever older commercial buildings are renovated due to change of ownership or other reasons, they are required to be brought up to current electrical code for public safety.

Call Professional Electrical & Controls on 97 St in Edmonton and we will take care of all the required commercial electrical code corrections in your building while keeping you safe electrically!

Our code correction service in and around Edmonton

With Professional Electrical and Controls in Edmonton, you can be sure that your job will get done right promptly and at the right price. We understand all your electrical repair needs. From a blown fuse to rewiring, Professional Electrical is guaranteed to find a cost-effective solution for your electrical work needs. All our electricians are fully aware of the commercial code requirements at national and provincial level and they will suggest you the right solutions. Our certified electricians will ensure that your commercial property will meet electrical codes that also the rules of the national electrical code. We will have the accurate assessment of your commercial building in and around Edmonton before we commence the code correction in your building.

Our services include everything and anything from new wiring to entire electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, new solution implementations, smart conversions etc. No matter what your electrical requirements are, we have the suitable, lasting-sustainable solution, at an affordable price. Our electricians are licensed by local jurisdictions, ensuring you that your electrical project will be improved as per the exact industry and code standards. And practices that are currently in use.

Do we help in permit grabbing

We understand that the permit requirements is a key component that you don’t want to ignore! Don’t worry, we will help you in the entire process so that you can grab the permit easily or better yet, we can do it for you. It is though, advisable to start a couple of weeks early and plan your work with us because getting a permit can have some complex requirements that we will only be able to start working on after evaluating your property in time.

Why a commercial building needs a code correction

In one word: “Safety”. The simple relation is that older the building, less electrically safe it might be. It might be during any time that the code has changed and you are the person acquiring the commercial building at the moment. If the building becomes a safety concern for local authorities, they can potentially demand the code correction. If the requirements are not by the owner in a certain given time, then the owner is subject to certain fines and commercial liabilities.

As the residential code doesn’t apply to the commercial buildings, the fines and requirements for the commercial building code corrections are also stringent. These commercial code correction requirements can be simply triggered by the current code changes and they can be costly and time consuming.

Our electrician will know how and what exactly to suggest you to be at par with the code requirement that your commercial building needs. We will work with you to get p-to the safety and code standards that the local authorities may require and we will minimize your business loss! Though each code violation is different and requires specific solutions, our Edmonton commercial electricians are fully trained and there is no code violation that we cannot handle at Professional Electrical and Controls in Edmonton.

Give us a call at 780-476-1413 to solve your commercial building code correction issues right away!