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Electrical installation for heating and cooling equipment

Electrical installation for heating and cooling equipment

Electrical installation for heating and cooling equipment in and around Edmonton

We have been proudly helping communities in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, and all areas in-between these cities in install, troubleshoot, maintain, repair and do all other electrical services work for heating and cooling equipment.

It is almost 30 years now! Well almost! We are humbled by the experience we have rolled in our books to provide top notch electrical services to you.

Electrical wiring of the commercial heating and cooling equipment

Residential wiring is a straight forward process with the right components wired in the circuit for proper functioning.

Commercial heating and cooling equipment will surely have more complex system of starting and stopping, sensors, timers thermostats, and other override dependability components in the circuit. These equipment are to be treated accordingly and our commercial electrician knows these details.

Freezers and coolers

Freezers and coolers are the important equipment in restaurants and small to large industries, specially in food trades.

Is your freezer or cooler stopped working completely? Is there no power?. We can certainly deploy a commercial electrician to help you out. We understand that there are commercial freezers that need to be checked right away. We will help you to verify the case and if it needs refrigeration parts or gas, we will point you out in right direction.

You can call our number 780-476-1413 in case you have a restaurant equipment emergency related to electrical functions.

If you are setting up a new restaurant and need commercial electrician services; contact us as well.

Heating equipment

Heating equipment and furnaces have changed a lot in last 30 years. There are many energy efficient models and certified equipment that you might be exploring.

Each heating equipment type will have its own electrical wiring and maintenance requirement. Each equipment when wired with thermostats, fans, relays, outlets etc., has a different wiring structure that needs to be used. We are happy to help you find out the best wiring options for your selected equipment.

Have an electrical emergency related to your heating and cooling equipment in your commercial building?

Call us at 780-476-1413!