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Festive Lighting Installation and Removal

Festive Lighting Installation and Removal in and around Edmonton

Working on festive lighting in and around Edmonton?

Installing and removing festival lighting is a part of life, year after year. Whenever you need to install or remove festival lighting in short or in bulk quantities on small or large, residential or commercial buildings, give us a call at 780-476-1413.

Best looks for our home and businesses

We know when we want to install festive lighting on our residential or commercial property, we want to look it best around all the places. We want to be the part of the community and celebrate in style. We also want to ensurer that all lighting are installed safely and no area is left in dark.

The practical festive lighting installs are time consuming and can be dangerous if not doesn’t right. We know the practical behind the spirit and will prepare your place for a great holiday lighting exposure in and around Edmonton.

Our professional electricians are trained on all the basic such as where to draw the extra temporary power from, why not to coil the extra length of any wires, what timers to use etc. etc.

Why choose professional electrician to install and uninstall holidays light for you

There are simple reasons and then there are complex buildings!

Everyone is busy these days and doesn’t have time to complete these demanding tasks. At times, our buildings can have steep angles, you might have a back issue and so on. Sealing and waterproofing of extension chords may not hit the mind first time.

And then holidays are over but the holiday lighting needs complete disconnecting, dismantling, wrapping and packing it right for the next year to avoid any bigger expenses.

Our electricians fulfill these customer requirements year after year and will be able to assist you in planning and implementation of holiday lighting installation and un-installation from starting to finish.

What are your holiday light needs

It really depends what type and how many lights you want to install on your house or in your office interior/exterior. It is always good to have some extra strands in-case the lights are still of the old bulb style. Some bulbs can always fuse and there is a limit of how many bulbs can be connected in series. What is the size of your property you want to cover. Do you have some permanent structure, fixtures etc. that you ant to cover such as trees or you are only going around your eaves.

When to call for booking

Great question! Holiday light installation and uninstall bookings go very quickly once the holiday season is close. Call as soon as you are decided and don’t take too long to decide! The best time is late August and Early September to get the booking of your choice. We are first come first serve.

Call us at 780-476-1413 to book all your holiday lighting installation and uninstalling needs.

What else we need for installing and uninstalling the festive lights

Sometimes, we need extra electrical circuits/plugs and weatherproof electrical connections depending upon the particular building/house situation. This is the one more reason to call and get the all formalities done. Our Edmonton electrician will be able to tell you the requirement and you will have a smooth planning cycle before the installation becomes an urgency.

Need animated lights? We can install and uninstall them for you. If you don’t have them but desire to have them, let us know in time and we will try to arrange animated lights for your property.

Do we install permanent holiday lights

We do install permanent holidays lights. Please contact our office 780-476-1413 to find out the options as per your building characteristics.

Is pricing for uninstalling included

Yes. Pricing and time for uninstalling festive lights is included in our quote.