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Hot Tub, Spa, Sauna Installs

Hot Tub, Spa & Sauna installation electrician in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Hot Tub Installs

Hot Tub, Spa & Sauna installation electrician

Have a luxury apartment building or a house with a hot tub, spa, and sauna?

We can help you install a hot tub, spa, and sauna in your house, safely and quickly helping you from start to finish. Give us a call at 780-476-1413.

Basics are simple

If you have a time constraint to go outside to enjoy the hot tub or sauna setups, installing a hot tub in your own backyard is not too hard of a process. There are only a few basic requirements that we need to fulfill. Access to the yard, a flat levelled base, and availability of water supply with a hose. That’s pretty much about it!

No, we didn’t forget the electricity! That is where we come in!

Our trained electrician will organize and suggest the best way to get the electricity line up to your yard and the location of the hot tub.

If the tub is to be installed inside the arrangements have to be checked accordingly but it becomes even simpler in an indoor hot tub installation.

Dealing with water and electricity – together

As you might feel, dealing with water and electricity together is a specialized task. It has to be made certain that there is a zero possibility of an electrical shock to the occupants of the hot tub at any given time.

Use a qualified and experienced electrician from Professional Electricians that know the technicalities of the job.

Which model to choose

Choosing the right model depending upon the level of your house, water supply and indoor or outdoor installation is necessary. The tub or sauna manufacturers are aware of these questions and will assist you in the process.

Another important detail is to decide about the power model. Do you need a 110V or 220V tub? Both may differ in installation requirements and will have to be looked at at the time of planning. What will be the energy (current) consumption of the setup? If your breakers aren’t designed up to it, we will inspect them beforehand to avoid disappointment at a later stage when you want to enjoy your time in Sauna.

Keep in mind how the tub will be delivered to your house. Do you have all the passages, indoor or outdoor, planned? How will the tub be taken to its final destination of installation? All passages and doors must be wide enough to handle the pass.

Maintenance after the installation

It is paramount that the hot tubs, spas, and saunas are maintained and vented properly as per the manufacturer’s requirement. If the installation of all the components is done correctly, it will not be an issue to maintain the tubs for the longevity of their use. If the installation has any kind of flaws then your hot tub or sauna may require more than normal maintenance.

If you have a “plug-and-play” model, it may require lesser maintenance as compared to large multi-people installations

At the time of installation, don’t forget to ask about the regular maintenance. Our trained electrician will point out the maintenance requirements to you. These requirements may be as simple as cleaning and drying and a bit complex such as checking motor bearings and connections each year to avoid any issues related to electricity and performance.

Our electrician will ensure that you have all the basics set up property. The breakers, voltage, circuits and all are designed for the sauna, tub or spa you are planning to install in your house.

Using our certified electrician will eliminate your safety and capacity worries.

Need a quote? Get it here! You can also call us at 780-476-1413, 24 hrs a day.