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Installing or replacing new lamps in offices or warehouses

Installing or replacing new lamps in offices or warehouses

Warehouse lighting – Lamp installation and replacement in and around Edmonton

Changing warehouse lamps – Is it an easy task?

Warehouses are usually large buildings. The height of ceiling is multi-fold as compared to residential buildings. The lighting fixture are way more complex with interconnected and controlled wiring with different type of sensors.

On the top of it, the operations in a warehouse usually cannot be disturbed and are also to be taken care of during routine lighting maintenance.

The length of time it takes to change the lamps in a warehouse or an office building is not in hours. The task of changing light bulbs in a warehouse can go on for a week or two or even more.

The type of lamps used in a warehouse can greatly vary from one area to another. One warehouse can use multiple types of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, HID lamps, LEDs, CFL’s and what not! Only this factor alone increases the risk within the warehouse, should a glass part from a lamp break.

All these variables with possibly more issues hidden behind the walls, changing the warehouse lighting fixtures and lamps is not an easy or DIY task. You need the help of a professional commercial electrician who is trained in the trade and will guarantee you the right work.

Our commercial electricians are fully trained on the aspects and they will ensure the smooth installation or replacement of the lighting fixtures, bulbs or whatever issue may arise during their work.

External factors affecting a warehouse lighting

Factors such as weather, storms, leaking warehouse roof, vandalism, external accidents or other factors can adversely affect the lighting systems of a warehouse.

Can the lamps be replaced with the LED’s?

It is a great question. Now a days there are certain LED’s bulbs that can provide the same lumen over the course of time. Keep in mind that there are legal requirements to have certain light output in the dark areas. The bulb has to comply with that light output requirement and illuminate accordingly.

Our commercial electrician will be more than happy to provide you the input about the right bulb replacement.

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