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Installing Thermostats and Smart Thermostats

Installing Thermostats and Smart Thermostats

Thermostat controls heating and cooling  in your house/office.

Call us to install new thermostats, replace defective thermostats and install smart thermostats. Need it fast and urgent? no issues! Call us any time!

What is a thermostat

We assume everybody knows but for the sake of clarity;

A Widely used thermostat essentially is a set of two different metal strips bolted at one end and open at the other end. Both the metals have a different coefficient of expansion when heated (One expands more than the other when heated). Usually the metal strips are sticking with each other on the open end. When the temperature rises, one of the strip expands and goes away from the loose end connection. That breaks the current flow in the circuit where the thermostat is installed. Due to circuit broken, electricity is cut off, heating stops and the room starts to cool down. As soon as the temperature fall down, the strip cools down and retouches the other strip, creating the connection back for the current to flow. The heating starts again until the strip expands again.

This cycle continues each time the set temperature is attained and dropped.

There are disc type thermostats as well but have the same function.

Now there are smart thermostats in the market as well. They use multitude of systems to control your home heating and cooling with the help of your smart gadgets such as phones, tablets etc. Smart thermostats can read your routines and can set up your house temperatures according to those routine patterns, helping you save on your energy bills and making your home energy efficient. They may have an online account available for you to control your home features from anywhere where internet is accessible.

If you really want to read more about smart thermostats, read it here

Where are thermostats used

Thermostats have wide applications. From general house use to start and stop heating, automobile engines, machinery temperature controls, household appliances and many more application are there.

What is a role of a thermostat

A thermostat plays a significant role in saving energy consumption. It can be set at a low temperature when a house or office is not occupied hence saving the gas consumption. A too frequent thermostat function also indicates that heating and cooling is changing too fast, suggesting a possible air leakage in the house.

Are all thermostats compatible with all HAVC systems

Good query! All thermostats, specially branching out to smart thermostats may not be compatible with all the HAVC models out there.

Our electrician is trained to point out difference to you and suggest the best thermostat for you in case you are deciding to move from an old thermostat to a smart one that can help you save some serious energy bills.

Installation process for smart thermostats

The installation process for smart thermostats is not too hard but it is very important to know beforehand that how the system is wired. There are multiple types of smart thermostats that can detect motion, temperature, humidity etc. Many of them are fitted with a microscope. Some need a special wiring called c wire! All of them are compatible with different suites like Google Home, Alexa etc.

All have apps!


The details can easily overwhelm you.

Our electrician is trained to sort all this out for you and suggest the bet suitable thermostat for your use!

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