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Kitchen, Bathroom and Entire House Electrical Renovation

Electrical Renovation of Entire House

Kitchen, Bathroom and Entire House Electrical Renovation and Remodeling

Why to do electrical renovation in your home?

Home renovation and remodeling can improve the value of your home. It helps you, the home owner, to stay in tune with the changing time and your needs.

It however, can also be stressful, particularly if you don’t have the right tools and contractors for the job. Additionally, electrical work is professional electrician’s work and NONE of the electrical projects are DIY projects unless you are a certified electrician.

At Professional Electrical Services in Edmonton, we’ve been helping our customers for over 25 years to get the best out of their electrical renovation plans in terms of time and money and keep them stress-free.

What do we offer in electrical home renovation?

  1. Upgrades to existing electrical systems and fixtures
  2. Extensions of existent wiring
  3. Breaker upgrade and setting up generally from 50/100 amp to 200 amp
  4. Addition and improvement in lighting
  5. Modern kitchen wiring for dishwashers, stoves, hood-fans, and upgrades with advance technology and wi-fi spots
  6. Remodelling and rewiring basements / house for modern gadgets
  7. Regular issues in the house such as change of ceiling fan spots, change of dining room décor etc.
  8. Custom electrical heating arrangements in the house
  9. Installation / change of fire place location
  10. Arrangement to install/ rewire large appliances, security systems etc.
  11. Rewiring Laundry rooms and other utility rooms
  12. Wiring emergency lighting throughout the house
  13. Separate wiring for food disposer units in kitchen
  14. Reinstalling or installing GFCI outlets as per requirements
  15. Creating right amount and type of charging stations during the rewiring phase
  16. Under-cabinet, overhead, stairs and other lighting installation
  17. Any other electrical renovation that is not listed here

We combine the opportunity of renovation to plan and expand top-notch fixtures and technology selection for your project. We can design the largest electrical system for your needs and implement them flawlessly. Needless to say, that we will keep your future plans in mind during all the planning and execution.

What help will we do during your electrical renovation phase?

Our expert electricians will work closely with you to plan your needs, help you procure the right material, suggest you the improvements that you might be looking for electrical systems.

We have more than 25 years of experience in renovating electrical systems in Edmonton. We have helped hundreds of households in their electrical renovation projects. We are confident that professional electrical electrician will add value to your project for long term basis.

Almost all the electrical system is hidden behind the walls, it is very easy to overlook some important parameters when remodelling. We will help you dig those important parameters and get your job right for years to come! Once you have finalized and designed your new layout, we will help to plan how to reroute the electrical wiring.

Why kitchen remodelling and rewiring is the most spoken renovation project?

Kitchen remodeling doubtlessly increases the value of the house. By upgrading the electrical systems of the kitchen, you can also improve the safety aspect of the house. Additionally, kitchen remodelling generally offers an increased overall house value in the real-estate market.

Older houses and their wiring systems are not designed for the electrical loads of today. Kitchen in general consumes more than triple the power; compared to what it used to consume 50 years back. Due to this reason alone, kitchen remodelling is important not for better aesthetics, but it is a necessity if we want to use all modern-day gadgets and stay safe.

Kitchen consumes more power because it runs dish-washer, fridge, microwave, stove, hood and fan, griller, micro-oven, lighting, blender, juices, cleaner, TV and much more!

What is the cost of electrical renovation?

It really depends on what we are going to renovate and how much area is covered. We will certainly give you a close estimate after our first viewing of the job.

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