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Top 10 things to look at before hiring even a certified electrician

Top 10 things to look at before hiring even a certified electrician

Certified electricians are often the most qualified contractors to hire for electrical work. However, before making a decision to hire an electrician, there are several things you need to check and confirm.

The job of an electrician is a demanding one, with a lot of responsibility. This is why it’s important to make sure the person you hire is qualified and certified. In order to become a certified electrician, one must have a variety of skills in their toolbox. They need to be able to read blueprints and schematics, understand different wiring methods and have experience in all types of electrical work – from installing service panels to hooking up appliances.

Certified electricians are professionals in the field of electrical work, who have passed a license exam and have a license to perform electrical work in a province or Canada-wide. Certification is available for both residential and commercial electricians, and the requirements vary depending upon provinces. Although it is possible to take an exam without schooling or training, certification is not recommended for people who are not qualified. Provinces require that an electrician be certified or licensed before they can perform any electrical work.

Things to Look for in a Certified Electrician

There are many factors you should consider when hiring an electrician for your home. It is important to research them thoroughly before making any decisions. This article will quickly go over what you should look for in a certified electrician.


Electricians are certified for their skills and expertise when it comes to installing and repairing electrical wiring in homes and businesses. The certification will allow them to legally do the work. However, it is a good idea to check the license of a certified electrician before letting them come into your home or business.

Certified electricians are required by law to have their licenses maintained. Each province has its own governing body that ensures the electrical safety for general public. The Electrical Code of Canada is a federal document and then there is provincial updates for each province. Depending upon the license type, an electrician can carry our specific tasks. Under Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act and Electrician Trade Regulation you must have a certificate that is recognized by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training or be a registered apprentice to install, alter, repair or maintain electrical systems in Alberta. Need to read more about it?


When renovations are in the works, a certified electrician is often needed to make sure that all electrical systems are updated and up-to-code. Certified electricians have the skills and knowledge to complete projects without risking safety or compromising code requirements.


Using a certified electrician is the best way to ensure that your home or business is safe and livable. Certified electricians provide services for everything from appliance installation to wiring and many other services. Using a certified electrician can also save you money in the long run, as they will be able to spot any problems with the wiring or installation before they become an expensive problem.

Quality of Services:

The installation and maintenance of electrical work can be a tricky thing to wrap your head around. It’s easy enough to see how things would work on the surface, but there are a lot of important little details that make or break an electrical project. In order for an installation or repair to not only work, but also look nice (no wires hanging out), you need a qualified professional doing the job.


Electricians are a crucial part of many jobs and their communication is critical for the safety of employees. Work with a licensed, bonded and insured electrician to ensure you have the best possible workmanship standards followed. All communication should be done in your language of choice.


When choosing an electrician, it is important to know that there are both insured and uninsured electricians. Hiring an insured electrician will protect you against the risk of property damage or bodily injury if one of their mistakes causes any issues.

Guarantee or Warranty of Services:

Do you have a new home or office space on the drawing board? If you’ve decided to hire an electrician, make sure to ask him how he stands behind his work. And even though electricians typically assume responsibility for fixtures, devices and other equipment they buy for you through their profess, it doesn’t hurt to ask what kind of warranty is offered.


Hiring an electrician is not the easiest task. The person you hire needs to be knowledgeable in their craft, dependable, and trustworthy. This is why it’s vital to get recommendations when hiring an electrician.

Value for Money:

With a higher cost of living in many parts of the country, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to afford a comfortable lifestyle. It’s even more difficult when unexpected expenses come up. Hiring electricians to do work in the home is one way that homeowners can save money and have peace of mind. Experts say that hiring professionals for tasks such as this saves homeowners from having to purchase costly equipment and risking injury while working with electricity.

Online presence:

Evaluating the online presence for the electrician or the company you are planning to hire will give you an idea such as how long they are in business, their online reviews, their credits on the important business websites such as BBB® etc.


The electrician is a pillar in the household maintenance team. As you ask for your list of electrician questions, make sure to listen for how the electrician will act on your property; whether they are cordial or curt.

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