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Maintenance of electrical systems

Maintenance of electrical systems, automated systems and control systems

Maintaining electrical systems in commercial buildings in and around Edmonton.

Commercial buildings have a lot of automated electrical control systems. We have certified commercial electricians who can troubleshoot and maintain all your commercial electrical control systems. We will help you manage your large commercial building worry-free!

In addition to safety and business process access there are certainly ,many more parameters that needs to be looked into to have an interruption-free working in a commercial building.

Type of voltage and wiring

There are normally low voltage wiring, normal 110 volts wiring and 220 volts wiring in a commercial building. Bigger process and buildings will have a transformer and possibly 440V wiring as well. It is important to test and know what type of wiring the electrician will work on! Our professional electrician will know what and hoe to test to work on the right part of your commercial building and voltage

Building monitoring

Many times the building monitoring video sections of the facility are not be disturbed or proper communication is to be done with the building owner/authorized personnel before shutting off the building monitoring supplies/electricity.

Utilities availability and cut off

There are different considerations in a commercial building when we are maintaining the electrical, utility, control, safety automation or other voltage dependent systems. For example, how many occupants are there in the building at the time of work. Is it night or daytime? What are outside and inside temperatures? Is communication affected via internet cut off or phone cut off? How long will it take/ What is the backup plan in case a utility gets affected and so on!

Building facts we are working on

facts about the energy consumption are also important to check before shutting off any electrical component of a building. Building Management Systems are most commonly implemented in large projects with extensive mechanical, HVAC, and electrical systems. Systems linked to a BMS normally represent 40% of a building’s energy usage. If building lighting is the part of BMS, the number may approach up-to 70%.

In addition to controlling the building’s internal environment, BMS systems are sometimes linked to access control and access doors controlling who is allowed access and egress to the building, or other security systems such as CCTV and motion detectors. Fire alarm systems and elevators are also sometimes linked to a BMS for monitoring.

Similar controls lies with the building automation systems. Building Automation Systems are integrated electronic systems that can handle almost every aspect of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical building operation through specialized software programs.

Our electrician is skilled and prepared to do all these tests beforehand. Our professional commercial electrician will know exactly what they are about to work on and then will give you all the details you will need. Our professional electricians are sure to run into building automation systems routinely.

Building fire alarm systems and fire control systems

Fire alarms and systems are now part of building automation system. Many buildings that are on advanced automation systems manage energy and people relationship very efficiently, like switching on and off HVAC system based on the presence of people in a particular part of a building. This can be used during normal operations or during emergency needs such as fire control.

Overall , we recognize that the electrical world has become a lot more complicated with the automation, mechanical, HVAC and control system requirements of all the paramount components of a commercial building. Our electricians are trained on the subject and are ready to work on your current day needs!

Give our professional electrician a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.

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