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New electrical circuit installation

New electrical circuit installation

Installing new Electrical Circuit in and around Edmonton

There are situations when your house or building has enough electrical power supply, you also have enough rating of the main electrical service panel but there aren’t enough circuits in the building. Only thing you are looking for is to add new circuits in the building.

At Professional Electrical in Edmonton, we are there to help you from estimate to finish. We assure you that we will add the new electrical circuits in your building in most time efficient and economical way, keeping in mind all your electrical needs for the years to come!

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What are the key details to consider while wiring a new circuit?

Type of circuit

We need to consider that what type of electrical circuit it is going to be? Is it a routine 20 amp circuit or it is a 30 amp single circuit?

Type of appliances

One more parameter to consider is that what type of appliances will be used on the circuit.

Circuit location

Where is this circuit use terminating? Is there any possibility that the circuit has sockets close to water? Is the circuit going outdoors as well?

Total area

The total square footage is important to decide that how many 15-20 amp circuits you will need to install.

Method of new circuits

It is important to decide that which method of circuit installation will be used. Will it be a complete new installation from the main panel? Will it be just an extension from the exiting circuit?

Type of breakers

Which type of circuit breakers are currently in use in the building? Are the same type now available or not? What is the right substitutuin?

Type of wiring in the house

What is the existing type of wiring in the building?

Main service panel and cable rating

What is the current and voltage rating of the main service panel and service cable?

In addition to all the above detail, there are more parameters that need to be considered to find the best suited quantity and methods of the new electrical circuits in a house or in a commercial building.

Our residential and commercial electricians understand the entirety of the job and are equipped to help you.

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