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Service Panel Upgrade Commercial

Service panel upgrade of commercial buildings in Edmonton

We provide service panel upgrade of commercial buildings

Professional electrical provides complete service panel upgrade of commercial buildings in and around all Edmonton. We help bring older commercial buildings up-to the current electrical standards.

We will analyze, provide you entire estimate, timeline, requirements, material etc.. Our work is guaranteed and timely. Give us a call at 780-476-1413

Commercial electrician job

Upgrading a service panel in a commercial building is certainly a commercial electrician’s job. Our commercial electricians are trained to plan and watch out for the requirements of commercial buildings such as how many people are present at the time of the work being carried out, nearest egresses, marking, pre-information and so on.

Why upgrading a commercial electrical service panel that is working?

Occupants and residents of the commercial buildings add daily use electrical appliances in the long run. Every few years it becomes a necessity to evaluate the electrical situation, hazards, risk etc. For a commercial building. Upgrading service panels in a timely manner is one way of covering those risks. There are other components of electrical panels the need to reviewed from time to time for safe operations.

Another opportunity and reason is the possibility improvement in the energy consumption. A large commercial building owner always wants to find out how he/she can reduce the utilities bill and electricity is the one of the prime used utility.

What to look for in a commercial panel upgrade?

It is important to do some calculations based upon current load, possibility of expansion, current wiring condition, current component health check, any accident or fire history, total number of sub-circuits etc.

What happens after we have done preliminary inspection?

Once the preliminary inspection is complete, we will suggest and offer recommendations on upgrade possibilities fitting the electrical needs of the building we inspected. These recommendations will help protect your commercial property from creepy electrical issues that can lead to fires and other damages.

You can schedule the electrical inspection of your commercial building with the certified local electricians at Professional Electrical today!

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We offer a variety of electrical panel inspection, repair, replacement and service upgrade services. If you have any doubt or concern about the electrical functioning of the building that you are living in, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

You will be helping a lot of people in the process!