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Sign Repair

Sign repair

Processional electrical offers sign repairs for all types of electrical signs

Do you have a business in or around Edmonton? Is your business sign not working? Well, what good is a business sign if it is not working when you need it.

Don’t panic! We undertake all business sign repairs, as far as they are electrically not functioning. Even if we need to open up the sign and change some lamps, that’s good!

Types of electrical signs

There are many types of electrical signs used for businesses. Some of them rotate, while other are stationary. Some of them have timers and other electrical components attached to create effects and draw people’s attention!

The main types are:

Front shop signs: The signs that are in the front of the shop are completely illuminated. These signs are normally in combination of attractive, bright color writing. If this sign stops working, your shop might not get noticed at all in the night time. So the purpose is plain and simple, get attraction, get noticed!

Pylon Signs: These signs are common signs put at the large shopping complex entries to show which businesses are present in the complex. These signs are also illuminated and and serve the important information share while the shoppers are driving on the corner of the road. You cannot afford to not have it illuminated.

Our commercial electrician will check and let you know what is required to make the sign work.

Individual channel letter: These are individual letter and are again illuminated via different methods. If any of the letter stops working or lights go off in it, it disturbs the entire word’s balance. In most of these cases, the one letter is not repairable unless there is an individual power source to that letter. You would have to buy a new channel letter in that case.

There are other types of sign such as LED signs, small electrical signs, open and close signs that use electrical power. As long as any sign is depended on electrical power to function and is not working, we will be able to check it for you and suggest you the remedy.

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