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Specialty Receptacles and Isolated Ground Circuits

Specialty receptacles and isolated ground circuits

We help to install and maintain specialty receptacles and isolated ground circuits

Do you need to install specially receptacles and isolated ground circuits in your commercial building?

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What are specialty receptacles?

Specialty receptacles are the special receptacles or the outlets that serve a special purpose or a situation where an appliance is connected to the electrical power. Example is a childproof outlet or a 220V outlet that connects certain appliances in your house or a commercial building. Another example of a specialty receptacle is GFCI receptacle.

Where do you need specialty receptacles?

Specialty receptacles or outlets, as the name explains are used in that specific situation or for that specific purpose.

GFCI: GFCI are used in the close vicinity of water.

Childproof: These receptacles are used where childproofing is required. These are also referred as tempered-proof receptacles

240V: These are used to supply power to the appliances that needs 220V power supply.

Recessed: Used in the situation hen you want to flush the outlet with the wall.

Floor outlets: These are used in floor to supply the power in many commercial buildings.

Exterior receptacles: These are usually used on the outside of the buildings for heating, car plugins etc. These are weather-resistant receptacles.

There is one type that we will like to mention specially. Twisted Lock Receptacle. These receptacles have an extra layer of safety once an appliance plug is inserted in them. In regular 3 pin receptacles, a simple push is needed to get the plug into the receptacle and we can use it. In twist lock receptacles after the push, we need to twist the plug to lock it in the receptacle. This helps in avoiding disconnection by the simple pull of a wire with the associated frustration and keeps the work in flow. It also helps in reducing arching incidents.

There are surly more types. We just wanted to share some examples.

What is an isolated ground circuit?

An isolated ground circuit is a circuit installed separately in addition to the equipment grounding circuit without connecting to any metal.

Why an isolated ground circuit is used?

An isolated ground circuit is primary used to reduce some electronic interference and noises within the circuits.

Wikipedia has a great article to read about isolated Ground (IG)

You might have different types of questions related to specially receptacles or isolated ground circuit installation, You can send us your question through our contact page and we will be more than happy to help you.

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