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Wiring for air makeup unit

Wiring for air makeup unit

Do you need wiring done or redone for the air makeup unit in your commercial building?

Our commercial electrician is ready to assist! Call professional electrical and controls now at 780-476-1413.

What is air makeup unit?

An air makeup unit brings in fresh air back in the building. The air can be treated or fresh right from outside. Larger the commercial building, more complex system of air makeup unit is to be utilized.

Why do we need air makeup unit?

Air in a building is consumed and polluted by different channels. As an example; think how much air is usually removed by a kitchen’s powerful exhaust system in a restaurant?

Fresh supply of air is regularly needed to replenish the air and maintain the air pressure in the building.

Where is my building’s air makeup unit located?

From medium to large size commercial buildings, the air makeup unit is typically installed on the roof. The large commercial buildings can have more than one air make up units.

What if my air makeup unit stopped working?

Modern air makeup units have many electrical components. Fan, bearings, wiring, relays, sensors, timers, and more! Any component failure can cause the air makeup unit to malfunction or stop functioning at all.

As many units are installed outdoors, the weather condition can severely affect air makeup unit functioning as well.

Give us a call if you air makeup unit has stopped working. Our commercial electrician will be able to pinpoint the issue and solve it for you, should it be an electrical issue.

Don’t wait as the stoppage or reduction in the inflow air in your building can have other serious consequences.

Air makeup unit maintenance

Our commercial electrician at professional electrical is a trained technician to carryout the annual electrical preventive maintenance of the air makeup units for you. As discussed earlier, the air makeup units are installed outdoors and weather can adversely affect the functioning of these units and it can affect fast!

Annual electrical maintenance is suggested.

Should you have any more question, give us a call at 780-476-1413.