Aluminum Wiring Inspection and Removal

We provide Aluminum wiring inspection and removal service in entire Edmonton region.

Aluminium is dangerous for the electrical safety of the house

History of Aluminum wiring in houses

There was a great construction boom in 1955-60 in North America. The Copper shortage combined with spiked price suddenly gave an opportunity to Aluminum in house wiring. Aluminum was widely used as an electrical conductor / wiring material in the houses constructed until early 1970’s.

Why Aluminum wiring inspection and removal is required?

The grade of the Aluminum used was the one that was developed for the power transmission lines. It was not very good for house wiring. Wikipedia has some interesting details on the Aluminum  wiring subject. Mechanical properties of Aluminum together with the poor workmanship standards constituted serious safety and fire hazards.

Is Aluminum wiring legally banned in Edmonton and Alberta?

Aluminum itself may not have any issue but when used with other components in electrical wiring it increasing the fire hazard exponentially. Having said that there are no legal issues but one must adhere structurally to code to safeguard your family against all the fire risks. Here is one Notice / publication by Alberta Government about Aluminum wiring in residences. Read the Notice.

How does Aluminum poses fire risk?

Aluminum can mainly pose fire risk in 3 different ways;

  1. Aluminum oxidizes (rusts) faster than copper. The rust can increase electric resistance and hence the heat at receptacles. The heat will turn into fire in no time. So the Aluminum wire overheating is dangerous.
  2. Aluminum is softer than Copper. As a result it can be nicked, causing loose connections, arching and resulting fire.
  3. Aluminum has higher coefficient of friction and expansion so to conduct same amount of current, higher diameter of Aluminum is required as compared to the Copper. Aluminum also expands more than copper when heated. heated to this, it puts pressure on screws and can easily loosen them at the receptacles. Once a screw is loose, arching and overheating occurs increasing the fire hazard.

What can we do to make your house safer in case you have Aluminum wiring?

  1. We can inspect your house and highlight the Aluminum wiring risk pertaining to your house.
  2. We can plan and remove Aluminum wiring from your house. It includes disposal of old Aluminum wiring.
  3. We can plan to bring your Aluminum house wiring up-to the current electrical code of Canada.
  4. We can plan replacement of your current Aluminum wiring with Copper wiring including all other required components replacement.

Stay Safe!