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Rewiring With Copper after Removing Aluminum Wiring

Rewiring With Copper after Removing Aluminum Wiring in Edmonton and nearby areas

Rewiring with Copper after removing Aluminum wiring is a very important subject of electrical safety.

What preparation is required to conduct the Copper rewiring after removing Aluminum wiring?

There are plenty of electrical inspection points that need to be carried out to do a professional copper rewiring job. Some examples are;

Overall house electrical safety check

  1. All receptacles are to be inspected for any minor/major heat damages.  Any damaged or disintegrating receptacles are to be changed before wiring or during wiring. Most commonly, there will be Aluminum grade receptacles that will be required to be changed anyway.
  2. Drywall surrounding receptacles is to inspected and repairs to be carried out if burnt or damaged drywall is observed.
  3. All power outlets, junction boxes, appliance power input plugs, appliance wiring insulation etc. are to inspect for any kind of effect or heat damage. Appropriate changes are to be done if any damage is found.
  4. The main power panel is to inspect for any heat/burn damage. Main Panel must be replaced as per the correct copper panel rating when changing to copper wiring.
  5. Low voltage concealed or open wiring ( for example; TV / VCR / DVD / Phone / Ethernet cables) is to inspect for any impact due to overheating. The affected wiring must be changed.

Alternate Power Arrangement and Disengagement

An alternate power arrangement is to be organized so that the household can have power while the copper rewiring work is still in progress. Any existing Generators/Alternators etc are too isolated properly for the work cycle.

Required Material Calculation

After accessing the electrical parameters of the house and associated equipment, the required Copper wiring quantity is to be calculated. Also, we need to calculate what special materials such as receptacles, face-plates, GFCI etc are required.

Completion time and Inspection Plan

Once we have all the material and alternate arrangements are done, we need to install the wiring and get it inspected as per the mutually agreed upon time plan.

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