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Common Electrical Code Violations in Alberta

Common Electrical code violations Alberta

Common Electrical Code Violations in Alberta

List of 20 most common electrical code violations in Alberta.

  1. Moving or altering your electrical panel without an electrical contractor and a permit.
  2. Inaccessible or hard to access panel.
  3. Unmarked sub circuits and branch circuits.
  4. Location of light switches not as per code in bath tub / shower (within 1 meter).
  5. Missing three-way switch at the top and bottom of stairs.
  6. A branch circuit has more than 12 outlets.
  7. A wall space with 90 centimeters or more without an outlet.
  8. Hallways with outlets more than 4.5 meters apart.
  9. Dryer outlets that are not 14-30R with #10/3 AWG cables.
  10. Bathrooms without proper GFCI or AFCI.
  11. In garages, outlets placed more than one meter from a garage door opener and without a designated outlet for each vehicle.
  12. Utility rooms that are not controlled by a light switch near the entrance.
  13. Installing an inaccessible furnace disconnect switch that can’t be reached without passing the front of the furnace.
  14. Spliced wires outside a junction box.
  15. Outlets installed less than two meters from the floor that are not tamper resistant.
  16. Outlets placed more than 3.6 meters apart in open rooms.
  17. Outlets placed closer than 1.8 meters from a door or closet.
  18. In kitchens, behind counter-top outlets more than 1.8 meters apart and more than 90 centimeters from a sink, stove or end point.
  19. Laundry areas without their own designated outlet.
  20. Wrong outdoor receptacles or covers or both.

Electricians in general are trained to work as per the electrical code and usually they will do their best to work without such mistakes.

But to mistake is to human and it does happen.

Our professional electricians will be glad to check any issue with your electrical system of the house/building and suggest you the right remedy according to the current electrical code.

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This is just an information list.

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