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How to Prevent a Cat or Dog from Chewing Electrical Cords

How to Prevent a Cat or Dog from Chewing Electrical Cords

The danger of your dog chewing on electrical cords

When a dog gnaws on power cords, it can result in serious injuries and even death. According to petMD, here are the signs that your dog was shocked while chewing on wires or cables:

  1. Burns around the mouth or singed fur
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Rapid heart rate
  4. Muscle tremors
  5. Seizures
  6. Physical collapse

When you realize your pet is suffering from electrical shock, turn the cord’s power off immediately. Don’t touch your pet if you are not able to turn off the power of the cord. Use some good insulators (like wood sticks, rubber, etc) to isolate the cord and dog.

Why do pets tend to chew on power cords?

Dogs love to chew. Anything within their reach is fair game for chewing. Electrical cords are right next to them. Power cords look like chew sticks to them, which look a lot like bones.

Why do pets like to chewing electrical cords?

It is important to understand “Why do pets like dogs and cats like to chew?” Depending on the stage of the pet’s life, there are different reasons. ASPCA explains that pets do it as a way to relieve the pain of teething. Grown dogs chew to keep their jaw strong, and teeth and gums healthy. Chewing is also a coping mechanism for some of them. It can help alleviate boredom, frustration, and anxiety.
How can you prevent pets from chewing on electrical cords?
There many things you can do to keep pets away from chewing the power cords.

1. Hide power cords

The very basic and simple solution is to hide the power cords. Here are some ways you can remove electrical cords and wires from your dog and cat’s view:
• Hide electrical cords behind the furniture.
• Run cable and wires around doorways.
• Store power strips, cords, cables, chargers, and adapters in cable management boxes.
• Use cable ties and hooks to keep cords off floors and flush against walls.

2. Block access to electrical cords

Some of the electric cords that you can not hide. There are a few blocking tactics you can try when you’re not at home to keep an eye on your dog or cat.

  1. Put all those cords in one room and keep the door off.
  2. Put up a pet gate. Make sure it’s high enough so your dog or cat can’t jump over it!
  3. Keep your pet safe in a crate.

3. Spray taste deterrents on cords

If hiding and blocking are not that effective, then apply a bitter or hot spicy tasting spray over the electrical cords. This may make the cord unappealing for pets. It might be a good idea to test your dog’s reaction first. According to WebMD, some dogs are grossed out by the taste, while others slurp up the flavors.

4. Train your pet to leave it

If your pet still finds a way to electric cords, then train your pet to leave it with the help of a pet trainer. The “leave it” command is helpful, powerful, and versatile. It can apply to both moving and non-moving objects either indoors or outdoors.

5. Watch and redirect your dog’s interest

If your dog or cat is a fan of a power cord that you can’t relocate, try to divert his or her attention. Give your pet an enticing alternative like a bully stick.

6. Give your dog chewing options

A bully stick might stimulate for a while, but your pet may lose interest. Try interactive toys. You can fill many of them with treats or peanut butter, which is both exciting and rewarding for your pet.

Just like humans, not all canines are alike. Your pet may respond to the techniques listed above differently than your neighbor’s pet. Try them all and see what sticks.

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