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Smart Home Upgrades in Edmonton

Smart Home Upgrades Edmonton

Smart home upgrades in Edmonton

Upgrading your home to smart electrical devices

Smart home conversions are talk of the town these days. Many residents have upgraded their houses and commercial property to smart systems.

What is a smart system?

A smart system is essentially a system that can;

  • Connect to the various systems of your house and operates them via internet (locally and remotely)
  • Know what to operate when, irrespective of occupant’s presence in the house
  • Is remotely controllable through wi-fi
  • Is dependable and durable
  • Is up-gradable
  • Has possibility of working without internet?

In a smart system, the controller and the devices, both have to be smart and operable on wi-fi, thus completing a smart home system.

Examples of smart home components

  • Google home controlling a light (Google home is the controller, light bulb is the component)
  • Smart thermostat on your phone (Phone app is the controller, thermostat is the component)
  • Google home increasing the TV volume (Google home is the controller, TV volume is the component)
  • Switching on your house lock via your cell phone (Cell phone app is controller, lock is the component)

What is the major difference in the above examples?

You can have a centralized controller (Google home) controlling all the smart components and gadgets of your house or you can have different controller apps for different components and gadgets in your phone.

What are the benefits of having a smart home system?

A smart home can benefit you in many ways

  • Smart home systems help you saving the energy costs by switching power dependent appliances on and off without your intervention
  • Smart homes provide robust safety
  • Smart homes are easy to monitor in case of travel, urgency etc.
  • There are insurance benefits to the smart and monitored homes
  • All of this provides peace of mind and comfort.

What are the common house systems that we can convert to smart systems?

The common house systems that we can convert to smart systems are;

  • Lighting systems of the house
  • Safety camera and monitors
  • House locks on and off
  • Entertainment systems
  • Kitchen appliances in the house
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Door bell cameras and responses
  • Emergency response system
  • Heating and cooling devices
  • Clocks and information systems
  • Electronic display frames and others displays

Our electricians are fully trained and know how to set up your house and convert them to smart house components.

We are happy to give you quote offline or online. Call us today: 780-476-1413.

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