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10 Tips To Save Electrical Power

Tips to save power consumption

10 Tips To Save Electrical Power / Save Money On Electricity

Change old light bulbs to new Era bulbs

Old fluorescent and incandescent lamps consume nearly 10 times more electrical power than LED bulbs and have a shorter life span. That means you will pay 8-10 times more for power consumption and 3 to 4 times more for buying new lamps, so no brainier, change the old lighting bulbs and fixtures right away!

Washer dryer and dishwasher power consumption

Plan Loads of washer, dryer, and dishwasher. It is easy to cut it into half. Check the capacity of the appliances and use them to optimum capacity when using, thus cutting the uncertain half-filled runs

Air conditioner power consumption

Air conditioners are large consumers of electricity. Try automating them. If you want to stop using air conditioners altogether, the easiest way is to plant outdoor trees or keep some large indoor plants and open the windows when you can for fresh air to come in. The leaves of trees or plants are the natural propelling fins that will cool the air by absorbing and recycling the heat from the air. If nothing else, set the cooling just one degree above you like, you will save electricity in the process.

Central vacuum electrical power usage

Use central vacuum wisely. Use broom and mop where you can. Keep the less carpeted areas in the house. Keep none if you can!

Furnace power usage

Set the furnace just one degree below the temperature you like. Stay warm and lightly dressed.

Electronics use and charging

Using and charging electronics is a cycle. TV, cell phones, cameras, tablets, computers, phones, safety and security devices and whatnot. When buying look at the power consumption. Check that all family members are able o watch TV in one room, at least when all are watching the same broadcast. Keep charging your devices where you can, such as in buses, trains, classrooms, work-stations etc.

Refrigerators use electrical power

Keep freezers and refrigerators clean and organized. Don’t use two fridges in the house if one works well. If you ought to have another one, buy the right for your required capacity. Keep them at less cooling if you can manage it.

Advance toward smart homes

Move ahead towards smart solutions. Smart bulbs, sockets, motion detectors, timers and other smart combinations can help you to save money and electricity. Always program them in such a way that if someone is not present, they activate the switches for the major energy consumption appliances first.

Check our smart home article in detail here.

Reduce water consumption

Reduce washer cycles and reduce shower time for you and your family. It is very interesting to know that 50% to70% of the water we shower can actually go underutilized. Completely!

Outdoor lighting in the backyard and just important areas

Use solar lamps in outdoor lighting where the pursuit is just a bit of illumination to avoid trips etc. At night. Don’t use electricity at all.

Our electricians at Professional Electrical are fully trained to help you suggest energy-saving tips and make the necessary changes to make your bill smaller and your home smarter!

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