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Ballast changes

Ballast changes in and around Edmonton

Do you need an electrician in Edmonton to change ballasts?

We know ballast changing can be a cumbersome task, specially if you have many ballasts to manage. Give us a call in all of Edmonton and surrounding cities to change ballasts in your residential and commercial buildings.

What are ballasts

Within the last 50 years, the lighting industry has changed a lot. Possibly none of the lighting fixtures and hardware made in the current times now use the ballasts. The old fluorescent lamps that still use the ballast are getting low and low in manufactured numbers.

This is a very relevant, in-time question to ask that what are ballasts.

Many standard and non standard fluorescent lamps use a special kind of transformer within the circuitry, covered in the beautiful outer casings. This transformer of-course has electrical and magnetic qualities required to ignite and run the lamp. These special transformers are called ballasts.

What is the functions of a ballast

A ballast has two functions. During the lamp start up, it provides the sufficient voltage to the lamp to start. During the running time, it regulates and provides just enough voltage to draw the right current. Without ballast, the lamp will draw enormous amounts of current and will fail rapidly. Each lamp has its own ballast in a fluorescent lighting system.

Why to change a ballast

The modern lighting world is drifting away from the ballast dependency. The major reason is safety. The ballast has some non-preferred, environmental toxin polymers in it. The fluorescent lamps has mercury in it. Both of these items are not welcome in today’s modern, safety conscious world. The additional but equally important reason is that the current lighting systems consume a lot less energy than consumed by the ballast lighting systems.

In case you have a few fluorescent lamps in your house and the ballast is busted, the best way is to change the lamps and move away from the ballast/fluorescent system.

Our electricians are fully aware of the hazards present in the fluorescent lighting system and they will guide and advice to accordingly. Our electrician will also help you walk through the total cost of lighting. While a ballast may seem cheap to replace, the overall total cost of lighting is actually costlier to you. This might be a good time to consider that and change the lighting type altogether.

Changing the ballasts

If your property has many ballasts and you will like to remain on the ballast/fluorescent lighting system, our certified, trained electrician will advice you the right type of ballast and will arrange and plan to change the right type ballasts for you. (For example, electronic ballasts rather than magnetic ballasts)

If the ballasts on your property are failing too frequently and at many spots, our electrician will need to review the situation with you and suggest the right remedy accordingly.

There are certain methods and procedures that are to be followed to change the ballasts properly and successfully. From taking off the mercury filled fluorescent lamps to inspecting the sockets to safely disconnecting the ballast, there are several careful steps involved. It will also depend on if you are planning to change the type of light bulb, or fixture with it. As an example, you may like to use a specific type of LED tube that might not need the ballast. In this case, you will be required to bypass the ballast safely.

Our electricians are trained in the right procedures and will do your work safely and in a timely manner.

Contact us today to survey your ballast dependent lighting system and provide you the right recommendations.

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