Sherwood Park Electrician

Sherwood Park Electrician

Panel Upgrade and Wiring Services - Sherwood Park

Panel Upgrade and Wiring Services

We cover vast variety of residential electrical services. You might need a panel upgrade or meter socket repair.

Some of our panel and wiring services

  • Service panel upgrade
  • Breakers upgrade
  • Aluminum wiring inspection / conversion
  • Basement wiring
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Lighting Services - Sherwood Park

Lighting Services

There are many lighting services we can help you with. Switch to the LED lighting is one, parking lights issues is another.

Lighting services we can help you with

  • LED lighting conversion
  • Parking lights repair
  • Lighting fixture replacement
  • Smart lighting installation
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Emergency Electricians - Sherwood Park

Emergency Electricians

You might need emergency electrician for variety of reasons. We serve Sherwood Park for all emergency electrician needs for over 26 years.

Call us if you see these signs

  • Flickering lights
  • Sparks or smoke near receptacles
  • Burning smell near service panel
  • Breaker tripping repeatedly
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Renovation Electrical Services - Sherwood Park

Renovation Electrical Services

We cover vast variety of residential and commercial electrical renovation services including repairs.

A few of electrical renovations we do

  • Wiring and code upgrades
  • Aluminium wiring upgrades
  • Basements and kitchen
  • Smart home components
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Commercial Electrical Services - Sherwood Park

Commercial Electrical Services

Our commercial electricians cover multitude of commercial electrical services in the buildings in Sherwood Park.

Our commercial electrician services

  • Maintenance of electrical systems
  • Ballast installation and replacement
  • Specialty receptacle installation
  • Electrical of heating and cooling equipment 
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Electrical Inspection Services - Sherwood Park

Electrical Inspection Services

Almost all residential and commercial properties need electrical inspection for different purposes including insurance and safety.

We can help you with electrical inspection

  • Residential electrical inspection
  • Commercial electrical inspection
  • Electrical inspection for insurance
  • Wiring and service panel inspection
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We have been serving Sherwood Park and area for over 25 years and proud to be one of the oldest known electrical company serving Sherwood Park area. We are accredited A+ business at BBB. Our team of electricians covers full electrical services for residential, commercial, emergency, electrical home inspection, electrical commercial inspection and electrical renovation projects going as far as highway 21 touching the boundary of Sherwood Park and crossing well over Fort Saskatchewan on the East side and going over Highway 37 beyond St Albert on the west side.

Residential electrical services - Sherwood Park

Residential electrical services

Here is the list of our residential electrical services.

Residential Electrical Services
Commercial electrical services - Sherwood Park

Commercial electrical services

Here is the list of our commercial electrical services.

Commercial Electrical Services
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