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Bath Fan motor replacement

Bath Fan motor replacement in Edmonton

Your bathroom fan is jammed or noisy?

Give us a call to check and replace your bathroom fan motor. We provide bathroom fan motor replacement services in Edmonton and all surroundings cities.

General maintenance of a bathroom fan

As much as it might sound unimportant and the last task on our priority list, a bathroom fan needs general maintenance as other machinery in our house. A bathroom fan in addition to the moisture, goes through the faster bearing and casing wear and tear, possibly due to all the large amounts of moisture in the bathroom. This makes the general maintenance even more important.

Why is it our last priority

Simply because ladder, cleaning, disconnecting breaker, reconnecting etc. Seems to be too much for a fan that “sounds” working at the moment. And if it involves accessing the rooftop as well, we know that you are not at all inclined to do the project!

No worries, we understand!

Our electrician is available 24/7 to help you change or maintain the washroom/bathroom exhaust fans and motors and they have no issue when accessing your hard to access areas such as roof top, attic etc.

Why bathroom fan should be a top priority

Bathroom fan does an important job of removing moist air from the bathroom. If a bathroom fan is not working, bathroom wet/moist air will not be vented out. Mold and mildew will have high probability to grow in the moist and warm atmosphere. High mold/mildew will further affect health of the individuals living in such a house. If we have pregnant women, children, special need sick people, older people or anyone else whose immune system is changing due to various reasons, those people will have even higher chances of getting critically sick due to that mold and mildew.

So to prevent any sort of air born sickness of our near and dear ones, we should keep a bathroom fan working and always in our top priority.

Again, our trained electricians are available to advice you on the topic and will always provide you best options to complete your bathroom fan replacement or repair as needed.

Which bathroom fan is right for your bathroom

The simplest way is to know CFM (cubic feet per minute rating). Easy way; A 10×5 bathroom will need a 50cfm fan.

Can bathroom fan vent damage roof

It is very important question. We have seen that sometimes duct installers use an easy but damaging shortcut to end the bathroom fan vent duct line inside the house attic. In such cases, the bathroom fan empties out all the moisture to the attic. Another reason to release the hot moist air in the attic is when any joint in duct of the bathroom fan vent line opens inside an attic. Outcome? The wooden structure inside the attic gets wet, breeds mold, gets rotten and whole house and people inside house are now affected. So yes, bathroom fan if installed with an incorrect venting discharge in an attic, or if the duct line needs repair, can seriously affect and damage the roof of the house from inside out.

Our electrician will be able to advice you immediately if this is the case and suggest you the solution.

Can we avoid costly repairs

You can surely avoid costly bathroom fan repairs. Bathroom fans, if maintained nicely protect your house. You can call us to give you a quote of yearly maintenance of all your bathroom fans together. We will clean your fans, check the bearings, tighten the connections, lubricate as required and do other maintenance to ensure that your bathroom fans are functioning and doing the job they are required to do!

If the bathroom fan is maintained, it is highly unlikely that we have to replace the motor of the fan that can otherwise add a big bill to your credit-card!

Call us today at 780-476-1413 to find out right maintenance options for your bathroom fan motor!