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Conversion to LED lighting and lighting upgrades

Conversion to LED lighting and lighting upgrades

Convert your lighting to LED’s

Planning conversion to LED lighting and lighting upgrades from traditional lighting setup of your home or office? Need LED or other lighting upgrades? We at Professional Electrical in Edmonton offer these services. Our professionally certified electrician is just a call away to help you understand the LED conversion process and give  you the right quote.

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LED v/s Traditional Lighting

There are some significant differences in LEDs and traditional incandescent or fluorescent (CFL) lighting

Power consumption

LED bulbs consume possibly one fifth of the power for nearly the same amount of light that they produce. So in other words, LED bulbs offer some good monthly power bill savings.

Life hours

LED bulbs have nearly 20 times more life hours than the regular incandescent bulbs. Again, that means savings in long run over re-buying cost.

Initial price

Now a days LED bulbs are not as costly as they used to be in 2010. The price is really comparative to the traditional light bulbs. Sometimes large stores such as Walmart or Home Depot, put the regular size LED bulbs for sale in just 0.99 cents.

Light output

As a simple rule of thumb, incandescent lamps produce 15 lumens/watt and LED lamps produce nearly 70 lumens/watt. It is almost 5 times light output  and 5 times energy saving.

Types of LED Bulbs

LED lighting is ever evolving. There are different types of LED bulbs/lamps now to fir in every usage scenario.

Type of cap

There are different types of caps and sizes such as screw, bayonet etc.

Type of bulb

Different type of bulbs such as A60, R63, R50, PAR38 etc.

Type of control

Regular bulb, dim-able or a smart LED bulbs are available these days

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Example of LED bulbs requirement for an average room of 250 sq-ft

For a regular living room of 250-sq.feet, we need approximately 5000 lumens/lux. Having said that; for 5000 lumens we need;

Either 350 watts of normal incandescent lamp power, or 80 watt of CFL lamp or 40 watt of LED. It is huge difference in terms of decreased power consumption and increased savings.