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Design, Install and Maintain Electrical Installations

Design, Install and Maintain Electrical Installations

Designing, Installing and maintenance of electrical components in residential and commercial buildings in and around Edmonton

Our electrician’s team

We are a team of professional electricians in Edmonton serving the area for over 26 years. We help in design, installing and maintenance of all electrical components in residential and commercial buildings. Even if you have any emergency, you can contact us at our office 780-476-1413

Upgrading and redesigning electrical wiring and components of old buildings

If you are searching electrician to complete the design process of an old building that has complex requirements of removing old electrical wiring, appliances etc, contact professional electrical.

We can redesign the electrical systems of an old building. We will keep the modernization in check, as much as possible during our redesign process.
Once the design process is complete, we will love to install and then maintain it for you for the years to come.

New building’s electrical component design

We are more than happy to assist you the electrical design of of new residential or commercial building you are planning. During the design process, we will completely consider the modern components of design with your input.

We will ensure that the heart and soul of your building, run by the electrical connections stays always connected.
Again the process is very similar to above. Once the design is finalized, approved by the building owner and authorities, we will install it in your building.

Material procurement

You can procure your material or we can handle the proper logistics for you. This way, you will not have to worry about the electrical material arriving in the building once you are back from work tired and exhausted!
Newer buildings have more electrical components that need regular maintenance. Fr your convenience, we offer systematic maintenance contracts for multiple electrical components of the building.

How to schedule

Call our office at 780-476-1413 to schedule design, installation and maintenance of any electrical component of your building.

For over 26 years, we’ve been providing electrical service to Edmonton and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted electrician in Edmonton by always delivering quality work at a great price. If you need an experienced and qualified electrical contractor for your home or commercial property, give us a call today! You can also request an estimate online so that you know what projects will cost before they start. Contact Professional Electrical.