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Electrical Breaker Replacement

Electrical Breaker Replacement in Edmonton and Cities Around Edmonton

Replacing your electrical circuit breaker in and around Edmonton

One of our service is helping you replace the electrical breaker in your main or sub electrical panel. You may need to replace an electrical breaker due to various reasons. The breaker may be faulty, burnt or damaged. It can also be underrated or overrated depending upon the requirement of the circuit in question.

In case any of your power breaker is tripping in the main electrical panel repeatedly, do no attempt to reset it by yourself. It can be a serious fire hazard. It might have compromised the internal insulation or there can be a loose connection / burnt wire etc.

No matter what the reason might be, call Professional Electrical at 780-476-1413 to replace it for you. We will be prompt to help you.

The most common reasons to replace a circuit breaker are;

Breaker is faulty

An electrical circuit breaker is essentially a safety switch of the particular electrical circuit. It protects the circuit from overloading and helps protect the appliances and electrical devices that are on that circuit. In the course of its life, it goes through electrical surges and can get damaged. The easiest symptom is that once you switch on the breaker, the power to the circuit is still off, or flickering or breaker trips again instantly or after a small time gap. Another sign is that you feel breaker is hot while switching it back on. Specially if you know that there is no extra appliance on the circuit and breaker starts tripping recently. The breaker might be close to the end of its life cycle. Odd burning smell around the electrical panel is one more hint to check the breakers.

A new appliances is introduced or an old appliances is replaced in the circuit

If you have bought a new appliance that uses more electrical power or less electrical power than the previous appliance on the same circuit, it is time to review your circuit breaker and change it as required. You may still be able to use this circuit breaker on another similar circuit where the rating is a right match.

Lights of your house are flickering

If you see various lights of your house flickering at different times in a random pattern, it is time to check the breakers. You may notice that lights are flickering more often when you use high electrical power appliances such as washer, dryer or kitchen oven or microwave or air conditioner etc. In case the lights dim when you switch on your air conditioner, review your breakers.

You are using too many power extension cords in the house

One sign that you need to upgrade your electrical breakers is that you have too many power cords put to use in your house. If you need power extension in almost all rooms, you will soon end up an an electrical urgency. It is better to get the right distribution and breaker / service panel upgrade now than later.

Old house with more incoming power

You bought an old house and found out that the service cable was already upgraded to a higher supply voltage and current. When you check the service panel and breakers, you observe that the panel and breakers are not upgraded. If you are using high power appliances due the consideration that you have a higher rated incoming power supply line but your breakers are tripping because they are not upgraded.

If same breaker frequently trips, do not reset it without consulting a certified professional electrician. Call Professional Electrical at 780-476-1413 and we will help you promptly.