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Electrical design for your home

Electrical design for your home – Done right by Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd in Edmonton, Alberta.

Basics of electrical component designing of your house

Key elements of electrical home designing

Electrical design of houses has come a long way since 1900’s. Numerous major changes and improvements have been done in the entire structure of the residential electrical designing. The requirements of the houses itself has changed a lot in terms of heating, cooling, kitchen requirements, entertainment, internet privileges, cable,  computer systems, sound systems, security systems etc.

The structural component of the houses has also changed a lot such as single house, town house, condominium, row house, attached or detached garage, multiple garages etc.

Now think how much innovation has taken place in the housing and construction materials!

In light of all these and more changes, residential electrical designing has evolved to it best standards. You need professional electrical company to study through your needs and then design what best suits you, keeping in mind the expansion possibility that you will enjoy in the 20-25 year to come.

We at Professional Electrical and Controls Ltd., are a team of professional, courteous electricians serving our community for over 25 years. We very well understand the geography of the region and the harsh electrical design requirements of your house with it.

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What are the key elements to take care when designing the electrical systems of a modern home?

When designing the new electrical systems of a modern home, there are few things that must be taken care to have an effective and long lasting electrical system in the house.


What type of safety features are designed in the house? Are there inbuilt wiring components that will be installed? Grounding system of the house is to be considered throughout and thoroughly. The type of surge protection and weather protection is to be evaluated. There are a few more safety parameters that needs to be incorporated for designing the electrical system.

Electrical code and Local Bylaws

With years and years of experience and improvements, the electrical code of Canada has changed, much for the benefit of its residents. The code has to be followed in its entirety to design the modern houses. In addition; the local bylaws are to be taken care as well.


What kind of electrical controls are you looking in your house? Now you can control almost all of your house from your mobile devices. You possibly need to plan the entire house wi-fi access level for that. What about voice control? What about bio-metric controls? The list goes on but all these considerations are required while making a house work for you.

Lighting system of the house

The type of lighting system and emergency lighting system you are planning for your house also dictates the extent of wiring, fail-safe electrical components, exterior and interior load allocation, main panel rating etc.

Entrance and exit controls

What kind of entrance and exit controls are you looking for your house? How long is your driveway? Do you have multiple garages and you want them programmed in a certain way? What remote door lock and unlock systems you are using?

This is by no means an exhaustive check list. The electrical design requirements of a house are very complex and best done by professionals. You may be planning for a new house or might be looking to renovate completely, give us a call at 780-476-1413.

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