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Electrical Home Inspection In Edmonton

Protect Your Home with Electrical Inspections in Edmonton

Why to do electrical inspection of your home?

Some threats to your home aren’t as apparent as others. You use access some of these threats every day, including your electrical system. In 2007, a study by the Canadian Council of Fire Marshall found that electrical problems were the 4th largest cause of fire and the 3rd largest cause of fire deaths in Canada.

Prevent Fires with Inspections

Contact Professional Electrical& Control Ltd to keep your home safe from fire with an electrical inspection. Our Edmonton team uses electrical inspections to help you identify possible fire starters before they become a danger to your family.

We offer electrical inspections in Edmonton for the following situations:

  • After a remodel to ensure you have safe and sufficient electrical distribution to support the new additions.
  • Before you move to show buyers you have a safe home.
  • When you buy a house to ensure you get a secure electrical system.
  • When you have multiple or repeated problems, such as flickering lights or power surges.
  • If your home is over 15 years old.

Find a Thorough Electrician

Professional Electrical will inspect your home to help ensure that your family never has to endure a fire in your home. We will start at your electrical service and then cover all of the thirteen different factors that could cause your electrical system to fail…possibly leading to bodily injury, fire or worse.

If your home is over fifteen year sold, has had electrical renovation work done, or you are considering buying a home, then it is advisable to have it inspected for any electrical deficiencies. Your electrical system is the heart of your home. Have it inspected by a trained professional that specializes in electrical wiring and services.

When you need an electrical inspection, contact Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd. We will send you one of our trained technicians to meticulously check your home. We inspect for the 41 electrical failure risk factors as well as any other possible problems. If you have any concerns, let us know. Our electricians will happily address them for you. Call 1-780-476-1413 today to schedule an inspection.