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Installation and Maintenance of emergency exit and area lighting

Installation and Maintenance of emergency exit and area lighting

Emergency area – Installation and maintenance of exit doors and area lighting

Professional electrical and controls in Edmonton provides complete installation and maintenance of emergency area lighting in large commercial building and compounds.
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Emergency exit and area lighting strategy

The emergency lighting serves the purpose of illuminating the area that will be used in case people need to exit the building in an emergency. Emergency can be power outage, natural disaster or any other situation.

It also covers the lighting of the areas where people will gather immediately during or after the emergency, provided the area is within the private building ownership that is being serviced. The area is referred as muster point, assembly area or gathering area.

Components of emergency lighting structure

Light fixtures and bulbs that operate on prescribed electrical specifications with proper output for the required length
Layout of the lights
Backup power battery
Any surveillance system on power during emergency
Alarms and switches
Exit signs
Lifts or escalators

We periodically need to check

Accessibility to controls
Maintenance and functionality of the entire system
Exit signs and proper functioning
Any underlying issues due to hidden wiring elements
Inside of control panels
System signalling to emergency management services
Any lifts or escalators that are part of emergency systems
Sprinklers – checks for wiring

There are more components that can be checked depending upon the building and requirements.

Legal requirements

There are certain legal requirements that need to be covered during installation and or maintenance of emergency lighting systems and exit signs including the areas.
We will ensure that while your commercial building is being installed with the emergency signs and systems, the legal structure is properly followed.

Simply thinking

Exit signs are required by law to be put in all commercial buildings. Exit signs are lit 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

What type of bulb you should use?

Simply thinking, one with the longest life, best light output when required and least power consumption is the answer here.

We will help you to find out the right fit during the maintenance of exit signs! Don’t delay. Call professional commercial electrician today at 780-476-1413