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Meter Socket Repair Or Replacement

Meter Socket Repair Or Replacement

Replacing meter socket or repairing it in and around Edmonton cities

Your power meter socket needs repair or replacement? Do you see it is rusted or seems to have some issues? No worries. Call Professional Electrical In Edmonton and we will help you to repair or replace the socket as needed.

What is Meter Socket?

A Meter Socket is a part of the assembly that houses the power measurement meter (Watt Meter). It is the responsibility of the home owner / occupier to maintain the meter socket. A home owner must repair a meter socket on his own expense. Power companies will not connect power line or a meter to a damaged socket as per law. Maintaining a power meter is utility company’s responsibility but it must not be damaged by the actions of the home owner or occupier.

 Overall, the connections are the responsibility as below.

There are other parts of the electrical cables that are home owner’s responsibility. For example, the cable that brings in power from Weather-head to Meter and from Meter to Your home’s Electrical Panel is your responsibility. This cable runs from the meter to your home’s main electrical service panel. You are responsible for repairs to this cable, and these repairs must be performed by a professional and qualified electricians.Any problems related with the meter socket are not covered for repairs etc.

Call Professional Electrical to provide you Professional Electrician’s Service

Any time you feel that you need the electrical meter and socket area reviewed and repaired, call us for a professional electrician. They will know the utilities methods and requirements to get a temporary disconnect and reconnect. They will provide you efficient service with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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