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Motor controls

Motor controls

Professional Electrical and Controls help in all types of motor controls

We provide commercial electrician’s service in installing, repairing and maintaining motor controls in Edmonton industries and surrounding cities.

Motors are used almost in all industrial areas. Anything that needs movement of any kind is most probably achieved with the use of a motor. If a motor stops rotating, a lot could stop and work could ot be done.

Unlike simple household appliance motors, industrial motors may be controlled with lots of sub-components such as PLC’s, frequency drives, relays, low voltage starters, split starters etc. There might be other electrical components that depend on the proper running of a particular motor.

Our commercial electrician is ready! Give us a call to figure out any motor control repair, installation or maintenance help you need!

Types of industrial motors

Mainly all motors can be divided into one of the two types, depending upon the voltage it uses. An AC or a DC motor.

Then there are servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, brushed and brush-less motors, shunt motors, compound motors, induction motors, synchronous motors and so on.

It seems like there are endless types if we write all types here!

Want to read more about electric motors?

Visit this Wikipedia page.

Which motor do you have?

Our commercial electrician will check the available information and will be able to establish which motor you have and what work and control he is working on.

When do you need service done?

Urgent commercial electrician needed? No issue! Give us a call at 780-476-1413.

If you need the motor controls to be checked on a weekend when your machinery is not working, let us know and we will plan it with you accordingly.

Are you far from our Edmonton office? Give us a call to find out. We might be able to service your area.

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