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Parking lot receptacles and lighting

Parking lot receptacles and lighting

Installation and maintenance of parking lot electrical receptacles and lighting components including fixtures and bulbs.

Professional electrical has completed many parking lot receptacle installations. Our commercial electrician is experienced in planing, installation and maintenance of all receptacles that are mounted in completely outdoor parking areas and in covered parking stalls.

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Outdoor receptacle types

Outdoor power receptacles have special electrical code requirements that are to be met in accordance with the code.

Wiring has to be done accordingly as well.

Commercial electricians are fully versed with the detail and reasoning of these requirements. Ask our electrician and they will explain you the key factors associated with the external power receptacles.

An important information we will like to mention that even for the outdoor receptacles for the car heaters, there are now smart outlet categories and products available.

Want to go your entire parking lot with smart outdoor receptacles? Give us a call!

Parking lot lighting

Parking lot lights are an important aspect of vision and safety for the 24 hrs working class people. If you work or own any building in the hospitality industry, you know that customers never like to park in dark areas.

It is a continuous issue to check the parking lot lights and keep them in working order. As the lights are subjected to harsh weather conditions year after year, we see each year these lights need upkeep and maintenance service.

The lights are to be checked for proper functioning, sensor operations, ballast operations, any wiring issues etc. The damaged or non-functioning components are to changed such as ballasts, bulbs, connectors etc. Sometimes cover plates of receptacles and wiring inlet section on the lighting poles (privately owned) might be rusted and needed to be changed.

Is your parking lot lighting system too old?

If you are looking to modernize electrical system of the entire parking lot’s lighting, we will be able to suggest some good alternatives that consume less electrical power and have longer life.

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