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Power Meter Installations in Edmonton

Installing Electrical Power Meter in and around Edmonton

Do you need power meter installed in your new or old commercial building?

Professional Electrical and Controls in Edmonton provides services to install electrical power meter in all commercial buildings. Give us a call and we will plan it as per the best schedule that suits you.

When you a need a new electrical connection, you don’t want to wait for the meter connections for weeks. Give us a call and we will help you install power meter immediately.

Types of power meter

There are mainly two types of power meter categorization. Electro-mechanical and Smart power meters. Electro-mechanical have moving parts and have a magnetic measurement system where as the smart meters don’t have moving parts. Smart meters have other optional components such as wireless transfer of data etc.

You can find out more about the smart meter on this Canadian government website page.

Remember, with power meters it’s never about better or worse. All power meters are designed just o measure the power consumed, so practically there should not be any change in the monthly bill just by changing the type of the power meter. Rather it’s about finding one that fits your budget.

Another difference may be single or three phase meters based on the supply utilized by domestic or commercial buildings and installations. For small services such as like household customers, the meters can be directly connected between line and load. But for larger loads, there are different requirements to isolate energy meters from higher currents.

Our electrician is fully trained in these meter difference and will install the type of meter you are planning without any hassle.

Precautions to install power / energy meters

It is important that the installation of power meter is done with the utmost safety in mind. A few basics things to look out are landscape, level of the ground, the wire and connectors, the type of meter and its specific requirements for connections.

During installation, the meter is not be energized before the proper testing. It is also to be checked that there is no leakage of any sort of substance directly from inside of the meter or body.

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