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Security systems installation and maintenance (CCTV)

Security systems installation and maintenance (CCTV)

Security systems installation and maintenance in Edmonton and around for commercial buildings

Professional electrical in Edmonton offers commercial building security CCTV system installation and maintenance services.

Does all commercial buildings needs CCTV?

All commercial buildings, no matter if it is a standalone building or a large commercial complex, utilize CCTV security system that can either show live or show live and record at the same time.

Using CCTV system is an important aspect of safety requirements. It helps in prevention of small crimes and in-case something happens, law enforcement authorities will need those recordings in the court of law.

Depending upon the individual business need, we offer all available commercial CCTV system installation and maintenance.

Types of CCTV system

There are multiple types of CCTV systems. Essentially all are closed circuit. The abbreviation means Closed Circuit Television. According to the system, the cameras send the signal only to the recorder in that circuit and depending upon the recording or not, the video is recorded or played live only in that circuit. Once recorded, the video can be played on different media.

Now a days, almost all systems come with large hard drives to record the security footage videos.

Components of CCTV system

Cameras: Cameras are the eyes of the system. There are different types of cameras with impressive technology advancements, IR cameras that have night vision as good as day vision, wireless cameras, indoor or outdoor camera, no. of LEDs, motion detection option, audio recordings etc.

DVR: We can call it the brain of the surveillance system. All the signals are send to the DVR and it then records it. It is primarily categorized as capacity of hard disc, how many cameras can be attached (channels), stop and play functions, level of HD display (720P or 1080P), auto recording or not.

Hardware: Wiring and display screen are surely the components to run the system but easily replaceable.

WiFi compatibility

One more important aspect to check is the WiFi compatibility and smart, remote access of the entire system. This way it helps to monitor the building a step beyond, when you are away from the building. There are no special tools you need and availability of a smart app will help to get the feed on your smart phone.

Our electricians will be more than happy to suggest you the most suitable product fitting into your surveillance and budget requirements.

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