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Standby Generator Installations

Standby Generator Installations

Processional electrical offers installation of standby generators.

Do you have a business in or around Edmonton and use standby generator or you are advised to have one installed? Is your old generator not working? You need a commercial electrician to help out!

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Why to use a standby generator?

When there are multiple families living in a commercial condo, there are certain requirements that building owners have to comply with. Having a standby generator is one of the such requirement. Same rues may also apply to the bed and breakfast place owners or motel owners.

A standby generator supplies power in case of a power failure to the reasons beyond your control such as a storm. Electrical power generator with this generator will help run the important components of the building such as furnace and hot water.

How do generators connect and disconnect?

There are automatic generator controls and then there is a manual control.

Automatic generators sense when the power goes off and they start automatically to generate the power needed. There can still be manual switches to isolate main power line of the utility company. It is better to check with them for this aspect.

There are certain requirements that are needed to be followed depending upon the building where the standby generator is being connected. For example, hospitals have a different requirement for generators than the regular home or small commercial complexes. Once functional, the power in the hospitals cannot be disconnected via manually operating any disconnection switch unless completely planned with authorities.

School might have some different rules.

How to choose right generator for your building?

All generators usually are measure in kW capacity. You may like to do some calculation of your house electrical load before choosing this main parameter. After that the shape, the physical size, other installation requirements etc. can play the role to select the best suited generator for your needs.

Our commercial electrician will be able to help you in case we are working for you on the subject.

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