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Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits

Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits

Need a commercial electrician in Edmonton to troubleshoot electrical control circuits?

Our commercial electricians are trained to troubleshoot your control or other electrical issues in large electrical set ups without disturbing your processes unless critically required.

Call us at 780-476-1413 any time to troubleshoot and solve electrical control circuit issues in Edmonton and all surrounding cities.

What is troubleshooting the control circuits?

Troubleshooting electrical control circuits is outlined as the analytic and systematic process to find out any fault(s) in an electrical control circuit. It requires an electrician to follow specific procedures. Every smart electrician will first ensure that the problem is not very simple such as an unplugged electrical device or a tripped control circuit breaker. In case the problem is a complex one, our professional electrician has the technical knowledge about the circuit on which he is working. He will know how to test the contacts, loose ends, a breaker or other small but important unforgiving details.

Using the right tools and process

Our electrician will know what are the right tools to check the control circuits of your building and how to use the those tools. They are trained to investigate the colour, smell, residue, corrosion, ends, and other symptoms. The electrician will certainly know to pull the needed documentation, offline or online.

Even the experienced electrician has to rely on an analytic and systematic approach to troubleshooting and problem solving, simply because we have complex control circuits now-a-days. An experienced electrician knows that a good troubleshooting process is simple. After digging into the symptoms, he will try to figure out the possible causes. After figuring out possible causing, electrician will test the probables and rule out to find exact cause or causes. From there on, he will suggest and implement the solution and complete the required paper work.

Knowing the right type of voltage

Sometimes as simple as AC or DC voltage supply or connection or a mixup is creating an issue. Again, our Professional Electricians are trained to check all the basics. Is the AC supply 3 phase or single phase is one more question to check and act accordingly.

Type of electrical interlocks used in the control circuits

The electrical interlock controls power as per the design of the circuit to various electrical components. Electrical interlocks have set of auxiliary contacts to achieve this output. When power is applied, the internal coil mechanism of the interlock works to establish that where the power is to be supplied? Is it forward or reverse circuitry that needs power?

Our professional electrician will observe what is necessary to establish this working relation and will then process to find out the issue and the right solution.

Is it really the control system issue

It is possible that the electrician will find everything alright after testing the control circuit. Then what might be the issue? Why a motor that needs to turn on or off is not doing so? At this point the issue can be mechanical such as bearing, shaft, overload mechanical jam, struck material etc.

Our trained and certified electrician will observe and explain you about such outcome

Past electrical issues

It is equally important to know the past electrical control issues that might be affecting the current issue in the circuitry. Our electrician will ask you relevant question and will try to establish the past/current issue relationship if any! Some simple question might be like when did the issue happened in the past, how many times, most recent and what changed after the last time some soultion was provided, etc.

There are more considerations when testing and troubleshooting an electrical control circuit. Our electrician will help you clarify and solve the issue.

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