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Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection

Is your home protected against electrical surges?

We can help you install and maintain surge protection for your entire house. It will help you to protect your costly appliances and house wiring structure in case of a surge happens.

What is an electrical surge

A surge is a sudden, short-lived wave of current, voltage or power in an electric circuit. Surges are brief power/ over-voltage spikes or disturbances that can damage, degrade, or destroy any equipment / appliances within any home, commercial building, industrial, or manufacturing facility.

What is the source of an electrical surge

Power surge source can be inside of a building or outside of the building. The outside sources generally are grid changes from the utility company, lighting, grid failures etc. The inside house or building sources are switching on or off of an appliance that consumes a lot of electricity. In commercial and industrial set up surges can be introduced by large motors switching on or off, specially if they are unprotected from surges.

Large power surges such as from storms are not very common but, invisible and unaccounted small power surges happen on daily basis around us.

What can be damaged by a power surge

A power surge is random, short-lived excessive voltage entering into your appliances. Small power extension cords cannot, to best possibility, protect your appliances. If a surge is introduced into your house, it can damage;

Video games
Any devices being charges as cell phones, tablets etc.
Safety monitors and Camera
Regular phone wiring
Internet wiring
fax machines
House electrical wiring
Control circuits and breakers in the panel

You see the electricity dependent appliance and systems list is long. Actually there is no appliance these days that is not using the electricity.

What is Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole home surge protectors are designed with one thought in mind. The protectors prevent too much voltage spikes to enter your home and prevent all your costly appliances in the process. They let only a maximum defined, designed voltage into the building.

By restricting the voltage entry in your house after a certain allowed voltage level, it is a very efficient method to protect your power dependent devices for life.

Our electricians are fully trained to suggest right whole home surge protectors for your home and will install them in the right place so that your all appliances are protected and you are worry-free!

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