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10 most common house electrical issues that are ignored

10 common issues in a house that are ignored

10 most common house electrical issues that are ignored.

Every household has common electrical issues that don’t seem very critical and normally get ignored. Many common issues can be easily solved. Today, we will discuss the 10 most common electrical issues that are somehow ignored but are easy to solve and keep our house and neighborhood safe.

An extension power cord is damaged

We all have power extension cord in our house. Many of the cords are used for long years. During use and abuse, there are always small cuts on these electrical cords. The cuts damage the outer insulation. Usually until a deep cut, it doesn’t render the cord useless. These minor damages are very dangerous and can any time electrocute any adult, child or a pet.

Suggested solution: Replace the cord.

A switch or a receptacle’s cover plate is damaged

A damaged cover plate is not a big deal. It can be damaged due to an external force. But if it stays damaged for long, it can allow bugs, water or other items to go in thus making it riskier.

Suggested solution: Take off the cover plate, observe around and put a new cover plate. If you observe something unusual such as broken switch or loose wire, call us at 780-476-1413.

A remote or an other battery operated item is not working

If a remote or other battery operated item is not working and batteries are in it, check it right away. Batteries have acid. After there life is done, the acid will leak. It will surely be an unnecessary botheration later.

Suggested solution: Inspect the remote/item and replace batteries. If old batteries have already leaked, check for tips on how to clean.

A fan has a noise when rotating at high speed

Fan is an equipment as other appliances. It needs maintenance. Due to our fast lifestyle, it gets ignored. If fan still works, there is possibility that noise will go away with the right maintenance.

Suggested solution: Lubricate fan.

An exhaust fan in a washroom stops after running a bit.

Needs maintenance as all other appliances. The fan is getting tired of running when hot. Possibility of overheating.

Suggested solution: Lubricate fan. Call us at 780-476-1413 if you don’t know how.

A light occasionally flickers

If a light occasionally flickers, it might have a loose connection. There might be other related issues.

Suggested solution: It is best to call an electrician for a flickering light to uncover any hidden electrical issue.

Cannot run all the plugs in the kitchen together

You are working in your kitchen preparing meals for the overcoming guests. Suddenly you observe that each time you are using all the kitchen plugs together, an appliance stops and any random or a specific circuit breaker trips. This issue can have long term impact on your house wiring and electrical system as a whole.

Suggested solution: Don’t use all the kitchen outlets together and call our electrician as soon as you can. It is currently not an emergency but we want that it never becomes an emergency for you and your family.

Power cord of a tool is damaged

We all have many electrical tools in our houses. It is not unusual to have a tool with a damaged (and ignored) electrical cord. As a techie, we tend to find a workaround but we suggest that it is good not to ignore a damaged tool cord.

Suggested solution: Replace the cord or the tool as necessary.

Couple of switches or receptacles don’t work

If many switches and receptacles in our house are not working then we probably will get those inspected right away. If there are only a couple of switches or receptacles that don’t work, it gets ignored as we use switches and receptacles in the other areas of the house.

Suggested solution: Call a certified electrician because there can surly be an underlying electrical issue.

Fire and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm batteries are not checked

All houses have fire alarm and CO alarm. Some of the houses have even more than one alarm. The alarms have batteries in them with a life span of 7-10 years. 7-10 years is a long time to remember the date and weeks to check the battery life.

Suggested solution: Make a prominent note, visible to you in a timely manner so that you can check the batteries at the right time.

There are certainly more electrical issues in a house that can go on a low priority due to different reasons.

If you are having any electrical issue in your house, please don’t delay to solve it or call an electrician because it becomes bigger with time.

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