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24/7 electrician for electrical emergencies in Edmonton

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24/7 electrician for electrical emergencies in Edmonton

Professional electrical in Edmonton has 24/7 electrician for electrical emergencies.

Electrical emergencies are just that! It can happen 24/7 and can be a simple botheration or can lead to a serious disaster. When you have an electrical emergency, time is of utmost importance. You need to have 24/7 electrician available in such cases. We have 24/7 electrician available for you to call in case of electrical emergency in and around Edmonton. And to mention, we don’t charge extra for emergency dispatch.

What can lead to an electrical emergency?

Here is the simple list of possible causes that can lead to an electrical emergency.

Internal electrical emergency causes in a house

  • Loose Connections/Sparking
  • Arcing in the receptacles
  • Short circuit in a plug
  • A defective appliance
  • A burnt insulation
  • A power surge
  • A damaged power extension chord
  • An overloaded power extension chord
  • An accidental metal insertion in a receptacle
  • A fallen electrical accessories such as a floor lamp
  • A burnt or a near burnt ballast
  • Wrong fuses or breakers
  • Damaged baseboard heaters
  • Fire in a microwave or oven
  • Wrong electrician’s workmanship (rare)
  • Outdoor receptacles not maintained

External electrical emergency causes

  • Weather storms
  • Accidents near a power pole
  • Burnt transformer
  • Planned power outage
  • damaged or fallen power pole
  • Power surge in the lines
  • Temporary power connection failure
  • Construction site power misshapen
  • Excessive water/basement flooding

There can be many more reasons why and how an electrical emergency can happen. Important is to call any 24/7 electrician right away. Our electrician is just a phone call away. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our number is 780-476-1413. Give us a call for any electrical emergency.

If you are seeing any sign in your house that you believe can lead to an electrical emergency, you can get a quote as well.

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