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Adding Accent Lighting

Adding Accent Lighting in and Around Edmonton

Are you planning to add accent lighting to your property?

Accent lighting definitively helps to improve the aesthetics of the area and increases the overall value of the property. Let us know your ideas about accent lighting and we will help you to realize them from start to finish.

Quick fact: Did you know that most accent lighting is low voltage these days as opposed to 110V in older days?

Why add accent lighting

There can be many reasons that will entice you to add accent lighting to your house. You might be renovating or just adding some more lighting circuits. You might want to change the overall lighting of your house or similar other reasons. You may be getting ready for a celebration and makeover of your house. You may be adding an elegant look to your chandelier.

The decision will certainly improve the aesthetics of your house. Adding lighting to your landscape will certainly make your property stand out and be inviting in the neighborhood.

What material you might think to add

You can plan LED’s in smart lighting fixtures while you want to plan accent lighting in your house. LED surely has high efficiency and high life-hours advantage over any kind of traditional lamps. These days LEDs are not costly and don’t require any over-the-top initial investment. You will surely need to consider the type of hardware you want to use. You may be planning to improve the lighting of a single room or many rooms in your house, we at Professional Electrical are completely equipped to undertake the project of your dreams!

Our trained residential electrician will help you navigate through the various available materials and choose the best that fits your plan.

Outdoor accent lighting

Professional Electrical and Controls is fully equipped with the tools for outdoor lighting such as the home’s exterior, landscaping, walking areas, garden-bed, patios, decks, etc. If your lighting project is for security purposes, our electrician will ensure both functional and good-looking solutions for your home. We offer a free online quote of our services to your needs to make sure you get the best experience and outcome possible.

Need low voltage lighting plan for your indoor or outdoor garden? No issues we can add low voltage, cost-efficient items to your lighting needs.

How does the natural lighting effect

The current natural lighting of the area that you want to modify for lighting does affect a great deal. You might have to consider the flow of natural light, the timing, and the vision change due to that. If a room has no flow of natural light, the plan for the accent lighting in that room will be different than a room that has a lot of natural sunlight flow.

How many table lamps are used? Do you want to get rid of them or want to keep them the part of accent lighting? How many dimmers did you want to use if any? Bedside lighting and walls may need a different lighting plan than the living room lighting.

Pointing out the lights

In outdoor lighting, a few simple things can help make things from good to best. Such as, do not point lights towards the sky. Do not point lights towards where it can hit a face directly. Find the dark corners inside the garden and plants to point out outdoor accent lighting. It will brighten up the plants at night. If you have a garden sculpture that you may like to highlight, use a few low-voltage LED bulbs to do that. If you own art that you will like to highlight, make a wall dedicated to the art and plan accent lighting accordingly.

No matter what your accent lighting needs might be, our electrician will give you details and the pricing that you will find in your budget!

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