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Halloween is Coming! How to Avoid Excessive Electricity Bills During Holidays

Halloween and electricity

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and one of our most exciting times of the year is Halloween! However, many homeowners are aware that while some costumes may be frightening, the real terror comes from looking at those holiday electric bills. Planning to decorate but concerned about those high energy costs? Professional Electrical has ideas for you!

We aim to always deliver the highest level of electrical services available to our Edmonton clients. We might do this through high-quality lighting or electrical installation, but more often than not, it’s about giving sound advice and fantastic service! Do you require any assistance resolving your holiday power problems? We can most certainly help.

Easy tips to help you save energy and reduce Halloween electricity bills

There are several factors that make a home more energy-efficient, but here are some of the most important:

  • LEDs are an excellent option. Throughout the back quarter of the year, strands of colorful lights are a common sight. They may be beautiful, but they can be costly. Choose LED holiday lights over incandescent alternatives to save money on usage. Not only will they last much longer, but you may light many strands of LEDs with the same amount of power as one strand of incandescent lights, reducing your carbon footprint too!
  • LEDs are also safer than traditional lighting. They’re cooler in temperature and last much longer, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your holiday decorating without worrying about safety or expenses.
  • Make use of timers. Many electrical holiday decorations include timer options or come with this feature. Make the most of it! Setting a timer to turn on your lights and gadgets just before supper can save you a lot of energy throughout the year, resulting in a lower burden and heavier wallet.
  • Upgrades to outdoor lighting are an easy way to spruce up your property. Aside from decor, many homeowners utilize standard outdoor lighting more in the later months of the year. Earlier nights bring earlier darkness, and we rely on our outside lights to keep us safe outdoors. Are you still using old, out-of-date lighting? If that’s the case, consider replacing your outdoor lighting with new energy efficient LED bulbs. If you’re unsure what options are available for your home’s outside lights, call us at 587-604-6360!
  • Reduce usage. Holidays frequently involve the arrival of guests. Whether you’re having a get-together with your family or inviting friends over, be careful to keep your electrical use in check by keeping up with visitors. Make sure everyone understands that if they leave the room, turn off the light and do whatever you can to reduce lost cooled or heated air!
  • Be a good cook. Are you preparing a lot of Halloween food this year? A chaotic kitchen can become a whirlwind of energy usage if you’re not cautious! Allow foods to carpool in the oven, limit the amount of time you open your refrigerator (practice that mise en place!), and utilize ENERGY STAR-rated appliances to save money!


We provide trained, experienced electricians to install, repair, and maintain your home’s electrical equipment in Edmonton and the surrounding regions. Allow our family to help yours with any electrical needs! In-home electrical services include installations, repairs, and routine maintenance checks. We not only provide high-quality installations, but we’ll also make sure your equipment runs smoothly! For electrical services, call us at 587-604-6360 today!

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