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What electrical projects our electrician can do in this summer for you?

Summer Electrical Projects

What electrical projects our electrician can do in this summer for you?

Our electricians at professional electrical undertake hundreds new and maintenance electrical projects for home owners each summer.

Are you in search of an electrician in Edmonton who can handle new electrical renovation project or electrical maintenance project of your house?

You are at the right place!

Outdoor pools electrical system

Summer is the time to enjoy outdoor pools. What good they are if the pump stops working or worst, doesn’t start when you are holding a grand party? Call us to check it right away. We will check it in urgency and we will also undertake any regular yearly maintenance if you need one. If you are installing a new outdoor pool, we can certainly help as well.

Driveway lighting

We are happy to help if you have a long driveway and you are planning to complete the driveway lighting improvement project since last winter. You can also give us a call if you already have driveway lighting that needs to be inspected and maintained.

Peripheral house lighting

If you have a large house and there are numerous lighting posts around your acreage house, you certainly need an electrician to maintain those lighting posts in summer so that they can shed enough light on your security cameras in winter. Give us a call. And of-course if you are installing new lighting posts, we can help.

Outdoor car heating plugs in parking lots

You had a tough winter and your outdoor car heating plugs were not working when you needed them to be. We can certainly inspect the wiring and plugs and repair them for you. If you installing a complete wiring and receptacle systems to heat the cars in parking lot, we will love to hear from you.

Outdoor appliance electrical issues

Electrical BBQ not working? Fan motor that should reverse in summer suddenly not reversing? We can surly look at such issues and help you solve those. If you have solar power attic exhaust fan or normal exhaust fans that had weird sound last year and are in your “to-do” list, we can take care of that. What about washroom exhaust fans? We can always check. Do you have an outdoor fireplace or a wood stove with an exhaust fan? We can have a look if it is your concern and is not working.

Lighting arrangement in outdoor gazebos

Usually you need lighting arrangements done around the large outdoor gazebos. We are just a phone call away. Need solar lights? Give us call? Need Solar and LED light combination? Sure, give us a call.

Grounding wire checks

One of the key things to check on yearly basis is the ground conductivity checks. Summer is a good time to do it.

Outdoor receptacles inspection

All electrical receptacles that are subjected to harsh Alberta weather should inspection for any damages and should be replaced as required. Again, summer is the best time to do it.

Safety equipment checks

Do you need smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors tested and replaced in your house? Well summer or winter may not matter too much for it but it should be done as soon as you realize that it is due. Call our office to book an appointment for it.

Electrical troubleshooting of house

Usually electrical concerns are an emergency due to safety concerns that may arise out of such issues. If you have waited a winter season to carryout any electrical troubleshooting of your house, summer is the best time because if house power is required to be switched off, it will affect heating of the house and winter is not a good time to do so.

For any of these new and maintenance electrical projects, give our team a call at 780-476-1413 and we will do it perfect for you! Get a quote here.

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