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House Electrical Issues in summer and the solutions

house electrical issues in summer

House Electrical Issues in summer and the solutions.

There can be many electrical issues in your house in summer. Simply because of heat! Or because of more usage in summer.

We would like to share how to look for these electrical issues and stop them in time before it becomes a major concern.

1. House electrical issue due to air conditioner tripping

A lot of times air conditioners trip in the houses. Old houses that have added air conditioner as an extra unit, many years after the house was actually built, may face this problem more as compared to the new houses. There are many inherited reasons leading to air conditioner tripping. The main house panel can be of lesser rating. The wiring might be old or worse, aluminum. The breaker might be an issue.

If the tripping is very occasional, run AC by switching off other electrical items or appliances and check if the tripping stops. Call us at 780-476-1413 if your house is an older house and your AC is tripping. If you have combination of aluminum wiring and a tripping air conditioner, it is good to call us right away.

If you have central air conditioning, your service panel should be normally 200 amp. If you need your service panel upgrade from 100 amp to 200 amp, give us a call at 780-476-1413. Our local electrician in Edmonton will love to help you and give you the estimate to solve the issue.

2. Plastic burning smell is sure an house electrical issue

You might smell plastic burning in your house or in some specific area of your house. Either way, it is a big risk and a fire accident is waiting to happen. The wiring of the house is heating to a level where the internal plastic covering has started to burn.

There is no easy solution to this problem. Give us a call right away and our electrician will be able to suggest you the right solution.

3. Circuit breakers can start tripping at different times

A circuit breaker is a safety device and is designed to trip given detection and certain variations in current. If circuit breaker detects over-current, it trips to safeguard the property it is installed for and prevents a fire. If the various circuit breakers start tripping at various times, they might be nearing the life-cycle. Usually it is good to identify and change one breaker at a time.

Service panel is a complex piece of control equipment and has live power in it even when breakers are off. For this reason we don’t suggest you open and work inside a service control panel yourself. If there are frequent or multiple breakers tripping you should consult an electrician as soon as you can. One more suggestion we will like to share is that never install a higher current rated breaker as compared to the old one to avoid tripping. (We know tripping is annoying!). Doing so can cause circuits to overheat and put you in a dangerous fire situation.

4. House electrical issues due to ceiling fans, AC’s and power extensions

Normally we use all the ceiling fans, AC’s and add many power extension chords in summer for cooling. Additionally house refrigeration appliances are running almost round the clock in summer and cause one nasty house electrical issue. This can lead to voltage/power surges. A power surge can damage costly electrical and electronic items in the house. External factors as thunderstorms can also cause voltage surges and power-line damages.

The systematic and ‘once for all’ solution to stop voltage surges and protect costly electronic appliances is to invest in the power surge protection system. Give us a call at 780-476-1413 and we will gladly walk you through your surge protection requirement.

Have more questions? Call us or get a quote.

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